Saturday, May 1, 2010


After school today we went to Deer Creek Farms to pick strawberries. Jason was playing golf and we did not have any play dates so I needed an activity. It was so fun! Everyone had their own bucket and the strawberries were beautiful. (Jason thinks that the only reason I went was to take pictures. Well...I can't practice taking pictures if my kids are just sitting on the couch watching TV right?) Everyone got along and it felt great being outside.
The flip side of the great outdoor week that we have had is that the inside of my house is a little out of control. I have enjoyed being present and in the moment with my children all week but I have had to let go of the "being caught up" goal. I am behind but that is OK. This is not to say that I keep a perfect house at any time because I don't. But some of the things that I used to think had to be done BEFORE I could just relax and play with the kids are still not done and it's OK. I want my children to remember me being with them not inside folding towels.

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