Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Brunch Bread

So I really do like to cook. Partly because Jason likes to eat and I love it when he says, "This could be served in a nice restaurant." I love it because I think he really means it. It makes me feel like I am "good" at one aspect of my job as a housewife. (That statement could be interpreted in to a negative statement, but it's not. Don't read too far in to it. Let's just let it mean what it means.) So, brunch bread. It's Jamie Oliver's recipe. I made it two ways but I am only going to show you the pretty pictures. (I mean it is really pretty right?) The eggs are from my friend Allison's chickens (Did you know people in the city limits of Macon have chickens? They do!) and the basil is from my mom's garden. (The other ingredients are prosciutto, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and rosemary.) The second "loaf" is the same bread with Nutella and toasted almonds. Does not photograph well but tastes so good. I could eat Nutella on just about anything! So Jason had a good lunch and that makes me happy!


HJW said...

wait a minute...YOU eat dead baby birdies, now?!? hahaha

Your creation does look divine...minus the birdies :) I'm very impressed!

payton said...

Of course I don't! I eat around them. Jason eats them. You know me too well.

Allison said...

Beautiful indeed! No doubt they were a major pain to peel though. While I don't know the inside story, we have no roosters to restart the life cycle, so they are absolutely NOT dead birdies, unlike this family: Ick!

It is fun to know the name of the hen to thank based on what each egg looks like. ;o)