Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. One way I use to combat stress is to sharpen pencils. I get my electric pencil sharpener and take it in the kitchen and sharpen pencils for at least a weeks worth of homework. It's loud and mindless but somehow it helps settle anxiety. Jason is not a fan of this method.

2. The other two blogs that I check daily have also become friends. (Andrea and Kari Jo) This doesn't freak me out because my sister is the common denominator. And they are both awesome women, despite the fact that they are Yankees.

3. Jesus Calling is the best devotional I have ever read. Every day Jesus meets me right where I am on the pages of this little book. (Jason also reads it.)

4. I made fruit roll ups using some of the 10lbs of strawberries we picked. The children like them!

5. I really love to do laundry. It smells so good and it's warm.

6. I kiss Packy every night before I go to bed. He sleeps so deep I can get all in his face and kiss on him and he doesn't wake up. I tell Jay and Emory that I love them but I can't get in their faces because they wake up....and then they wonder what in the world I am doing. Remember this book? I don't want to be that mom.

7. I am not good at calling people back but get very frustrated when people don't call me back.

8. I want to be better at so many things.

9. My dog went with my mom to the beach this week. She came over on her way out of town and he "looked" at her like he wanted to go so she said he could. He likes to play with her dog so she thought it would be fun for everyone.

10. I am super excited it's Tuesday. I hate to rearrange my schedule around LOST but I don't have DVR so what can I do?


Betsy said...

you make this yankee laugh.

HJW said...

welcome back to blogville...i've been a little absent myself.

i have to say, you put a smile on my face as i pictured you sharpening pencils...do you bite your bottom lip like you did when you pinched people? haha

thanks for recommending Jesus Calling...i need a devotional & will purchase that next week :)

Andrea said...

number 8-->blog post? wanna hear. glad you are blogging again!