Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This weekend kicks off football season.  I like football. I am not the girl that knows all the players names and stats and tries to hang with the guys.  You know that girl.  I like to watch it but if there is a marathon of something on Bravo then I am just as tempted to watch that.  Jason is a big Georgia fan and I graduated from Auburn.  This leads me to the Falcons.  I just prefer to watch the NFL.
2.  What I do not like to watch on TV is baseball.  We were watching Little League last week and that's fun.  I love to read how tall and giant those 11 year old boys are and the random facts they put up about them.  MLB is just not enough to keep my interest and I have two problems with it.  The first is the fact that the coaches wear the uniforms. Really?  It just looks silly.  Basketball coaches wear suits and football coaches wear khakis.  Why do baseball coaches wear the entire uniform?  And I find the signals ridiculous.  The signs between the catcher, pitcher, and coach just look dumb. My husband has tried to explain to me the importance of all the face touching but I just don't get it.  Isn't there another way? Jason loves baseball and this is totally just my opinion.
3.  Packy started 4K this year so this means he has to start coming to "big church" and sitting with us until it's time for the children to leave and go to "children's church".  The problem is that this started the month Jason is ushering so I have all the kids by myself.  Packy has done great for the most part but I did carry him out this past week with my hand over his mouth and plopped him down in front of his dad.  Quick talk with dad and he was great the rest of the service.  Sundays are hard.  I feel like Satan gives it everything he's got on Sunday.  Monday morning at the gym was filled with stories of how hard church was.  Some of the biggest fights I remember my parents having were before church (usually involving my dad polishing our English sandals with white polish).  By the way, I have no answer for this.  It's just hard.
4.  Packy's family night was Sunday night.  He wanted to have chicken, broccoli, and potatoes for the adults (?).  He iced Mario cupcakes all by himself.  For his games he wanted to go outside and play freeze tag, ladder ball, and a game similar to Bocce where we throw a small ball and everyone has to see how close they can roll or throw their ball to it (I dominated this game).  (Mario and Luigi cupcakes.  Yummy Ina frosting.  Nasty Pilsbury gel icing.)
5.  I love to set really high goals for myself so I can miserably fail.  Used to.  These are some of the actual goals I have actually written down and drove myself crazy trying to achieve.
  • Keep my house guest ready at all times. 
  • Not to go anywhere unless I was completely fixed up.  
  • Go to the car wash every week and have it completely clean for carpool.
Why would I do that to myself?  Trying to reach the unattainable and putting my worth in appearances.  That was the past.  If I am always worried about how my house looks, I will never use it for the fellowship that God wants me to have in it.  If I am so concerned about being fixed up (and if you know me that is laughable because I hate getting dressed) then I will miss opportunities to share with people.  The car goal is just dumb.  Who has that kind of time?  Now I clean it out when I get gas and that's good enough.
6.  I have a child who has become annoying lately.  Sometimes they aren't doing anything wrong but since it's getting on my nerves I want to punish them.  So I struggle with patience.  What else is new?
7.  Melted crayon art.  Hair dryer, creme brulee blow torch, lighters, and matches.  (Just to be clear, I made this, not the kids.)
8.  In the past two years I have switched my children to a new school, changed churches, and moved.  I am very happy with all of those changes but I miss the people I used to see on a regular basis.  I know life is all about seasons and that I am in a busy season with small kids.  I am so grateful for the women who are in my life right now organically.  I don't have to make a huge effort to see them and they are amazing.  I used to see a different group of people all of the time and now I don't.  I just wanted to say that I miss those people.  If I were better about planning I would schedule some coffee dates but I usually get about one of those a year. Remember what they taught us in Brownies?
Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.
(I must admit that when I was little I always felt bad for the silver friends.)
9.  I know it's Wednesday. 
10.  If you didn't read this on my Facebook, please read it now.  It's so good.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

(I don't know what Packy is doing.)
1.  My house is quiet.  I am supposed to be at the gym but we had a rough start this morning so Jason took the kids to school.  I was being blamed for getting the kids up too early, when I actually let them sleep 10 minutes longer than usual.  I was being blamed for making them take their lunch when it is bacon cheeseburger day, when actually it was their dad who decided two days a week of a healthy home lunch would be better.  Sometimes they act like I do everything wrong and it hurts my feelings.  I know they don't understand what I do for them.  I did not understand what my parents did for me.  It still hurts my feelings.
2.  Packy came in our room the other night in a sleepwalking daze.  I pretended to be asleep (so I didn't have to get up) and watched Jason pick him up in his too small Superman pajamas, complete with cape.  He sat on the bed with him in his arms for a few minutes and I about lost it.  Something about a sleepy baby in Superman pajamas and a sweet daddy snuggling for a few minutes. 
3.   I would like to thank (blame) Katy D. for my latest iPhone addiction, Words with Friends.  Who knew playing scrabble could be so fun?  Jason is playing too and we play each other all during the day.  We also play at night while I am upstairs in the bed and he is downstairs on the couch.  That sounds sad doesn't it?
4.  Emory's turn to plan family night was Saturday.  She picked Domino's thin crust pizza and made a chocolate cake with blue and green icing.  For her games she chose Twister and then wii Just Dance 2.  It was a lot of fun.  Jay did not participate in the dancing but I made up for it by dancing as much as she would allow me to.  She was a little bummed when I scored more points than her on Toxic.  I had to tell her that she should never challenge me on anything that includes Britney Spears.  I will win. every. single. time.    (Pictures below: Jason and Emory doing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, and Packy doing The Monster Mash)
5.  I have never seen Britney Spears.  I had tickets to see her. I checked in to rehab that day. 
6.  Did you see Emory's black on black tennis shoes?  I sent a first day of school picture to Betsy and she asked me if Emory was working at Bennigan's after school.  They are ugly.  I like ugly tennis shoes so I am totally with her and glad that she has the confidence to pull them off. 
7.  Jason and Jay spent a few hours shoveling mulch at the church Saturday morning.  There was a giant truckload delivered and the volunteers shoveled it into wheelbarrows and took it to the playgrounds and flower beds where it was raked out. Jason told Jay on the way to the church (at 8:15 am) that at our old church we would have just payed someone to do it.  He explained that at a small church people have to help out more but that it was a good thing to serve the church.  Jay added that they were also serving the Lord by working at the church. Did you hear the angels sing?  I love it when they connect something without me having to tell (beat it into) them. Jason also said that Jay worked really hard and did not complain. Angels again.
8.  Does anyone even look at this on Tuesday or do you just wait until Wednesday? 
9.  American Flag Churchwell, Jellybean, and Hiccup are still alive and in Macon.  Mimi actually kept those hermit crabs alive after we left them (on purpose) at Tybee.  Packy's class from last year is studying hermit crabs so he is letting them borrow for the week.  Little do they know.  Miss Dana has three new class pets. 
10.  So the mommy guilt has been creeping back in.  I totally set myself up for it.  When I am trying to be the BEST mom, BEST wife, BEST friend, then at the end of the day I only see the ways that I have failed in each of those areas.  When I miss God's calling to serve in each of those areas and make it about what I am doing then I put the focus on me.  The focus on me is always the wrong place for the focus.  It only leads to guilt and frustration.  I can still review my day and see areas where I could have served with a better attitude, or given grace to a child instead of whatever it is I give them, but I don't have to be weighed down with guilt.  The good news is that if I don't wake up in heaven, I have another day to love and serve. (My editor, Betsy, said that was morbid I think you get the point, right?)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  That kid is still trying to break my heart.  He is so smart.  He thinks if he wakes up and ignores the uniform sitting on his dresser and puts on his play clothes that school won't happen.  It happens.  Today he told me that everyday is too many days for him to go (with tears).  Last year he only went two days so I was expecting five to be hard.  By the time we got to the drop off line he was fine.  Donuts were the snack today so that sealed the deal.  He just likes to tug my heart strings.
2.  Yesterday he wore his shorts to school backwards and no one noticed.  Jason picked him up and took him to Chik-fil-A.  Still did not notice.  When they got home, I noticed.  Of course I didn't make him take them off and put them on the right way.  We were half way thru the day so really, what would be the point?
It would just make him mad.  He is a third child and sometimes things happen. 
3.  I saw someone who had relapsed recently.  You can see it in their eyes.  Now I am no expert and certainly no judge, but I can tell when the light I saw come on when someone got sober is now gone from their eyes. My mom told me this summer that when I was actively using she felt like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Remember how he had the picture of his family and they were slowly fading away?  She said that she felt like she was watching me fade away.  I have just started to really explore how my parents felt as they watched me over the years make decisions that hurt myself and my family.  I don't think I could even allow myself to go there when I first got sober.  It was too much for me to process. When you are sick, you think you are only hurting yourself.  When you start to realize how it impacted others, it is really, really hard.  My mom and I had a "moment" as I started to realize what she went through as a mom.  (Love you Mom.)
4.  I am slowly getting back into my routines.  Alarm clock is going off at 5:45 so that I can have my quiet time. I am back at the gym (and insanely sore) and back at meetings. Lunch is the hardest.  I hate lunch and I am totally back to eating cereal.  Lunch gets on my nerves.
5.  I read The Help this summer and went to see the movie this weekend.  It was really good.  Different from the book in some ways,  but still good.  Tears good.  Minnie, Mae Mobley, and Constantine were my favorite people.  I did not grow up with help,  but I did have a babysitter that I loved.  Her name was Wilma and she let me eat mustard sandwiches and make my own chocolate milk (and I used way too much Quik). She took off her wig and took out her teeth when she ironed.  Wilma was also a hoarder.  Way before TLC introduced me to the world of extreme hoarding, I went to Wilma's house and had to follow the narrow path to get anywhere in between stacks of boxes that reached the ceiling.  (I'll have to ask my mom if they actually went to the ceiling.  I was young and short, but that is the picture in my head.)
6.  We had our first official family night on Saturday night.  It's was Jay's night so he got to pick the dinner, make the dessert, and pick the games.  We had pizza, Jay's sundae (crushed Oreos, vanilla ice cream, butterscotch and chocolate syrup), and we played wii bowling and tennis.  It was a hit and everyone had fun until all the wii remotes died and we had no more batteries.  (Ugh.  Battery sucking remotes!)  We also started having a high/low discussion at dinner.  Each night everyone tells the best thing that happened during the day and the worst thing that happened.  It's quite interesting to hear their perspective of their day.  We discovered that if Packy doesn't go first that he copies the person that just went.  Good discussion starter.
7.  She is sooo me.  I won't explain.  Not today.

8. I have officially worn flip-flops too long.  My feet hurt.  The deep kind of hurt.  I have started wearing tennis shoes with outfits that I shouldn't wear tennis shoes with.  In other words, once again, I am becoming my mother.  After years of making fun of my mom's orthopedic, Skecher tennis shoes, I am now eating my words.  I want to get a pedicure and tell the lady she doesn't have to touch my toes.  Just rub my feet.  (I am also becoming my grandmother.  She often burned herself while cooking and now I am carrying on the tradition.  New scars but remember this...scars are tattoos with better stories.)
9.  People are reading in our house and I love it.  I bought a milk crate during my reorganization project and filled it with library books for Packy.  After school we sit on the couch and read.  Emory and I are still working on Black Beauty and she started reading Little House in the Big Woods and loves it.  She is just like her Aunt Betsy (who played Laura Ingalls after school until about the 9th grade).  Jay is even reading without grumbling.  Even reading out loud.  Jason is not reading.   
10. I felt fall for a few seconds this morning.  Did you feel it?  It makes me so happy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Friday

1.  Look at that boy.  He is so excited about 4k.  He loves his uniform.  Those are statements he made before school actually started.  Now, he does not want to wear his uniform or go to school.  The first day I went in with him and there were tears.  Today I dropped him off.  By dropped him off I mean pushed him out of the car while the carpool helper pulled him out.  Crying and screaming, "I'm scared".  Totally breaking my heart.  I drove off and did not look back.  I did receive a phone call and an email that he was doing fine.  (I LOVE that the school cares enough to let me know that my baby is fine. Baby?  Yes.  My baby.)
2.  I don't think I've brushed my teeth today.  This was a common phrase heard on the Tybee porch in the afternoon.  The question is who do you think said it?  Adults or children?
3.  Your baby's crying. Get your baby. Said in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite.  I don't know why but the word baby said in his voice makes me laugh.  I can totally crack myself up.
4.  We saw the Smurf movie.  I think the Smurfs totally allow people to say bad words using the Smurf language.  Packy said dinner last night was Smurftastic!  Perfect, but then someone else told me to Smurfin call them back.  This also makes me laugh.  Send me a Smurfin text and I will actually laugh at loud.
5.  I would like to say that my proof readers are both slack.  They both told me that I had errors in my Tuesday post but they thought the other person was going to tell me.  Neither told me.  Slack.  (It's Betsy and Jason.  They really get on me if I haven't written my Ten on time but yet can't tell me that they saw an error.  Slack is all I'm saying.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I know it's not Tuesday.  Frenzied is how I would like to describe myself right now.  The past two days have included things like back to school haircuts for everyone, back to school shoe shopping, waiting on the computer for the class lists to be posted, organizing, cleaning, and the kicker...helping Jay finish his last (he had to write 3) book report that is due the first day of school.  (Note to self: schedule a massage.)
2.  I get super excited about the beginning of school.  (Remember this is the year I am going to __________?)  It's better than New Year's Eve to me. A fresh start. Last night we had a family meeting.  I even made (and printed) an agenda for the family meeting.  (I feel some laminating in my near future.)  We went over some new house rules and reminded them of the old ones.  We told them to get excited about Family Game Nights and explained Thursday chores.  We read the student pledge that the school sent us.  Now, if I can only be consistent about enforcing all of this stuff. 
3.  Forget Julie and Julia.  Right now it is all about Payton and Ina (Garten, The Barefoot Contessa).  I went to the library and checked out 4 of her cookbooks and have been cooking my way right thru them. (Yes, I am taking a Paleo break.)  I have yet to cook anything that I didn't like.  She has a way of making vegetables taste so good and don't even get me started on the marinated pork she had me grill.  Yum.
4.  I went to the library because I got a babysitter. I would never take all 3 of my LOUD children to the library. I came home from Tybee on Wednesday and got a babysitter on Friday.  Sometimes you just need to be alone and I really needed to be alone.  I didn't do anything fun like a pedicure or massage, but I was alone.  I ran errands that I wanted to run, like the library.  (Actually, I went to two libraries.  They didn't have all of the books at one so I went to two.  I was in no hurry and libraries are quiet.)
5.  Did I tell you I got an Iphone?  I have had a Go Phone (prepaid Walmart phone) for six months, waiting patiently for my upgrade.  I am in heaven (except the beating my kids off of it part).  This is just another part of my big organization project.  Everything on the phone and not on pieces of paper.  I even downloaded a Christmas List app that has a passcode on it.  Heaven.
6.  Look at this photo project about Where Children Sleep.  Really cool.  My children will look at this for sure.  Sometimes they need perspective.
7.  FYI, this post does not read in chronological order.  So, when I got home last week I was fired up.  I got out all (and I have a bunch) of my Turansky and Miller books and started making some new parenting plans.   I started to refocus my family vision.  I had to ask myself a few times this summer, If I was not lazy or spent too much time on the computer how would my family look? Sometimes I can get stuck in a spiral of this kind of thinking and really stress myself out.  I have to be realistic and remember that the plans I am making include MY children.  Not some other, really calm children I see walking around Macon.  So, I make some plans, try to be consistent with them, and pray.  I love in A Praying Life when Paul Miller says,  "It didn't take me long to realize I did my best parenting by prayer.  I began to speak less to the kids and more to God.  It was actually quite relaxing."  Pray more. Speak (or yell in my case) less.
8.  I still do not feel settled. I have been back one week today and I still feel like I am in catch up mode.  (Did I mention my dryer does not get hot? The part has been ordered.)  My normal routines of getting up early and having a quiet time, going to the gym, and going to meetings have not been reestablished yet.  They need to be, but they haven't.   
9.  Today we go meet our teachers.  Tomorrow we go to school.  Packy is so excited about wearing a uniform.  He even had a practice run and wore it last week.  When I drop this one off, I will cry. 
10.  Jason and I watched some YouTube last night and I was crying.  Not tearing up, but crying laughing at reporter fails.  This one is my favorite.  The best part is the cut back to the studio at the end.  I love to laugh. 

(You can watch the Family Guy version here.)
11. So, I also have a goal of getting my ten done on time. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Today is Betsy's birthday.  So...
1.  I love my sister.  I am thankful that I have a sister and that we have a relationship.  There are plenty of people who don't have one or the other.  She is my best friend.  Her husband is always happy when we get to spend time together and, as he says, "catch up".  He doesn't understand that we don't have to catch up.  We know what's going on in each other's lives pretty much daily.
2.  Betsy is one of the few (maybe the only) person I can take constructive criticism from.  She can tell me my clothes are dated, my hair is too long, or even (gasp) that one my children needs to work on a character trait(s).  She can say things to me that I would jump on my mom for saying.  I think that Betsy is just one of those genuinely sweet people and I don't ever question her motives.  She is kind and has a servant's heart. 
3.  After living with each other for the month and observing each other's children for a month, you get some really good insight.  We have had some really good "give it to me straight" (about my children) meetings.  I even asked for her observations. Sometimes you start to become numb to a problem (or do I just give up without realizing it?) that someone else can easily point out.  Betsy is good at pinpointing the behavior and the heart issue that goes along with it.  (I am giving KJ and the Turansky/Miller team some credit for this wisdom.[Even working on a 30 day action plan KJ!])  I am usually fired up to start some new parenting plans when school is about to start.  Starting a new school year is like a fresh start.  This year I am going to be _____________.  (Insert organized, on time or even early, reading more out loud, not getting behind, and on on and on.)  But I really mean it this year.  Right?
4.  She has had me peeing in my pants (again) reading Tina Fey's Bossypants out loud.  Things are just funnier when we are together.  We both love Tina Fey but when someone is laughing so hard that they can barely get the words out, you have to laugh.
5.  In order to pull me out of my funk last week, Betsy suggested that we work on our So You Think You Can Dance routine for National Dance Day.  How could I do anything but smile and laugh as we tried to learn an advanced hip hop routine in the kitchen?  We laughed even harder as we discussed doing it on the Tybee pier and having Emory tape it.  Harder still as we thought about teaching it to Jason and making him do it with us on the pier.  Of course those things did not happen, but it sure was fun laughing about it. (We did learn the routine and we might have a tape of it.  Wouldn't you like to see that?)
6.  Did you know that Betsy was the very first mom featured on Mama Monday on the Flourishing Mother?  Read her story here.
7.  Want the dirt on Betsy?  There really is very little (I mean, she's not perfect, but I am talking about her married life.  Don't email me your "dirt" on Betsy.  On second thought, maybe you should. ) but she does have a cereal problem.  The box calls to her from the kitchen most nights between 9 and 10 and will not be quiet until she has devoured a giant bowl.   
8.  I have taken over 1,100 pictures since July 4th. 
9.  Is anyone else questioning Nick Lachey's decision to start off his second marriage the same way he started his first?  A reality show about your wedding?  Really Nick Lachey? Really?
10.  Me and my people are leaving tomorrow.  We are gathering all of our junk and putting it in piles right now.  I know I am going to be sad when I drive away, but it is time.  It is time.

Dedicated to my sweet sister Betsy.
Tybee YMCA roller skating night.