Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jason's Hidden Talents

A couple of weeks I told you I would reveal Jason's hidden talents. So here they are. In list form, of course.

1. He is really good at getting things out of trees. Balls, remote control airplanes, Frisbees. He can throw things in to the tree to knock down the stuck item. This is very important because we get a lot of things stuck in trees.
2. He can spin anything on his finger. You know how the Harlem Globe Trotters spin the ball on one finger? He can do that with pillows, books, some toys, and balls. This is pretty much a useless talent.
3. He can play the guitar. He would say he's not good but I think he is. I also find it impressive that he decided at 35 to start playing and taught himself with the help of Marty from YouTube. I like to hear him play and find it relaxing. Unless he starts playing in the kitchen while I am cooking and the kids are fighting. In that situation I could think of many things I'd like to do with that guitar.

4. Puzzles, Sudoku, cross word puzzles...all fall under his strengths, not mine.

5. Cutting the grass is another talent of his. He has a certain routine to cut, edge, and blow our yard. I've had many people ask about our "yard man". He likes this job. It's therapeutic for him to work hard and immediately see the results. That is until the magnolia tree blows her leaves all over the front yard and sends him in to an anxiety attack. I have to remind him that he is powerless over the magnolia tree. He wants to cut it down.

6. He is an awesome Dad. He plays. I take care. (And I read. He doesn't read.) Lego's, trains, Magnetix...basically any of the on the floor and build games that my boys love, he does. He makes really cool things that they love. They still come and show me what Daddy made.

7. He is really good at loving me. This is not easy. I can be hard to love. Ask my parents. They were happy to sign me away and in to his care. I am blown away at what an amazing man he is. We started dating when I was 16 and I could never imagine how the Lord would grown him into such a kind and loving husband. He is the best. (He asked me today if I would go to see a Metallica tribute band with him. I think I will.)

I know there are more so I will update as I remember.
Update. Guitar Hero, the one handed clap.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Is it really Tuesday again?
1. Jay is at baseball camp at Mercer this week. Emory is at tennis camp at Healy Point. For Jay this is huge. He had separation anxiety for a long time. Like until last year maybe. This made birthday parties, sports, basically anything new very difficult for him. And by him I also mean for me. I didn't know how to handle it. Why wouldn't you want to go play with your friends? Fear crippled him. So when Jason told me that he just said "Bye Dad" and went to his camp I cried. Tears of joy of how far the Lord has brought him.

2. Emory would go to a camp where she knew no one and they spoke another language and not think twice about it. Emory's attitude is more of "why wouldn't they want to play with me?"

3. They are in camps because my vision of taking it slow this summer was blown on day 3 of vacation with the "I'm boreds". I'm bored? Hi ho hi ho it's off to camp you go. All day camp.

4. I had the best time in Madison, MS this past weekend with my family. We went to my cousin's wedding. We did not take our children but some of my cousins did. It was so fun to get to know these children some, of whom I have never met. It's funny to see the little personalities that I remember from their parents when they were young.

5. It's not terrible twos. It's terrible threes. At least that is my experience. Packy is starting to show signs of this. Mom says I made him rotten.

6. I am reading a book. Yea! It's been so long. I am reading The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder by Rebecca Wells. She wrote The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I love her books. She really gets how hot it is in the south.

7. Just a reminder that my sister is still the best. I can't wait for her to be here with her tiny people in July. Every year we spend a month in Tybee at it's so much fun. Communal living. Sharing the load. Lots of fun!

8. I just signed up for a Photoshop class. Trying to learn something new. It's good to have motivation and a brain that can still learn. A little over a year ago I had neither.

9. I am happy. Do I say that every Tuesday? I am living a life I never thought possible. Free from the guilt and shame that used to weigh so heavy. Able to deal with life without shutting down or numbing it away. Acceptance that I am God's child and that He is in control is the most freeing thing that has ever happened to me. His will be done, not mine because mine is limited to my small perspective, everyday.

10. I miss my gym when I am out of town.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My goal is to post more on this blog than Ten on Tuesday. The problem is that Tuesday keeps coming around so fast and I feel like I am keeping up if I can at least get a list up. But I am working on writing more.

2. I spent 10 days at the beach. I had a great time with the kids. I could have stayed longer but I missed my man and my home. I am a homebody and need a routine. My clipboard was calling my name. It needed a new list with some boxes to check off.

3. I have new laminated routine sheets for Jay and Emory. They have morning and evening routines (brush teeth, make bed, clean room, etc.) and daily activities including journaling, reading a chapter of their chapter books, and some kind of math. This is for my benefit so they don't watch TV all summer. Jay hates this plan. Emory likes it.

4. I was back from the gym this morning before my people even got up.

5. I took 762 pictures at the beach. I don't think they are very good. There are so many things to remember and I always forget one thing and it screws up my picture. Practice practice practice.
6. I started my quilt. So far so good.

7. My recycling consists of lots of black garbage bags in my garage. Jason says I need a better system.

8. I don't kill roaches. Macon has lots of roaches. One was upstairs the other night and he flew while Jason was trying to kill it. Flew on to his leg. Can you imagine? I locked myself in the bathroom once I saw that thing take flight.

9. If only my follow through was as good as the plans I come up with.

10. Today is a good day. I am content with where I am right now. Perfect? No. Where God wants me to be? Yes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love the beach. Love, love, love. My children play great at the beach. They make friends and ride waves. Basically they leave me alone and don't say Mama a thousand times a minute.

2. I hate hearing Mama a thousand times a minute.

3. I have 12 tan lines. It's looks ridiculous. It is a combination of totally different bathing suits and my haphazard way of applying sunscreen. It irritates Jason because he is very methodical about sunscreen application, along with most other things. Remember the dishwasher?

4. I loved the special time I got to spend with my new future pastor, his amazing wife, and their precious four children (who also happen to be our good friends). Seven kids at the beach may sound like a lot but it was relatively easy. Pictures to come.

5. My sister just got a new apartment in NYC. I found it for her on the Internet and it is TWICE as big as her current apartment. Sounds good until you realize her current apartment is about 650 square feet.

6. Popsicles and watermelon are my summer staples.

7. I'm hungry=I'm bored 9 times out of 10. (Someone just told me this nonsense. My answer? Go outside.)

8. Every single person in my family needs a haircut.

9. This school year was amazing. Were my children perfect? No. Were they loved? Yes. Did they make good friends? Yes. Did Miss Brown and Mrs. Putnal set the bar high? YES!!! FPD was an answer to so many prayers.

10. I am pretty good at catching a Frisbee.