Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I was going to do this post in order.  Start with my birthday last week and then work my way to the Cherry Blossom Festival fair that we attended last night but I just couldn't wait to share this.  This is what Jason did while I was with Packy riding little kid rides.  He figured out how to shoot a wiffle ball and knock down some plastic cups and this was his prize.  He comes walking up with the biggest, proudest smile, carrying a giant Rastafarian BANANA.  Why?  Why is this thing now in my house?  I have told you before that Jason has many useless talents and here is a perfect example.   (I did put him in the front seat when I picked up the kids for carpool.  It was a big hit with their classmates.)
2.  St. Patrick's Day in Tybee and Savannah was lots of fun.  Emory and I headed down with my dad on Thursday night and slept in on Friday morning.  (Slept in, as in 7:30.  Gone are the days of sleeping past 8.) Friday morning Emory went to play with LG and I went to the beach, all by myself.  Heaven.  It was hot and, as always, the people watching at Tybee is amazing.  St. Patrick's Day and college spring break merged together on the beach and there was lots of tomfoolery to be observed.  Think wiffle ball bats and beer.  I could stare at people under the cover of my sunglasses all day.  Hope met me with the girls and they played in the freezing cold ocean.  Kids really don't care.
3.  It was my first introduction to the sun in 2012 which also meant my first stupid sunburn due to careless application.  I just can not be trusted to get every single inch of exposed skin. Sunburned knees, the top of one foot, and one shoulder (already peeling) were the casualties of my first attempt to get a tan.  I lathered myself in Aloe lotion the entire rest of the trip because I was dreading the scolding I was going to receive from my very deliberate sunscreen applying husband.  By the time I got home it was dumb looking but not completely ridiculous.  I still got the look.  Really?
4.  Mom cooked a big dinner Friday night for all of us that were there.  It was the perfect night to eat outside.  Not too hot.  Not too buggy.  Perfect breeze. Great meal.  Thanks Mom (and sorry that I ate a Butterfinger instead of your beautiful fruit tart).
5.  Saturday was the parade and again, perfect weather.  We got an illegal parking spot close to the Cathedral and the girls were so excited.  (I am going to spare you the story about the verbal disagreement [fight] I got into with a man who shoved Emory in order to get a good spot.  It's too long and I might start shaking if I think about it.  Just ask me.) The Savannah St. Patrick's Day parade is about 4 hours long.  80% of the parade consists of Irish people from Savannah walking with their family.  Not throwing candy or beads, just walking in their cute green dresses and jackets. In other words,  booor-ing.  So we stayed 2 hours.  There are 3 main things that I love about parades.  The first is the drum line from an award winning, high-school, marching band.  It makes me so happy to see those guys dance while they play the most amazing beat.  Even the girls who hold the sign are walking with some soul.  (They make the Irish families look even more boring than they already do.)  The second thing I love is seeing the Budweiser Clydesdale's.  They are so majestic, beautiful and giant.  (Remember the  commercial of them bowing at the foot of the Statue of Liberty?  Tears.)  The third thing I love to see is the military people marching.  (My dad actually refused to leave the parade until we saw some military representation and I'm glad we did.)  This year it was the Army.  As soon as they get close everyone stands up and claps and hoots and hollers.  I love American pride! At this parade, girls put on bright red lipstick and when the men march by they run out into the street and kiss them on the cheek.  The men never break rank and keep marching.  It's so fun and I always get a little misty eyed.  (We went to the first parade after 9/11 and when the NYC police officers and fireman came by the place went nuts.  It looked like someone's favorite team just won the big game.  It was amazing.)
 6.  After the parade I took a nap and then started my sewing project with my mom.  We worked Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday.  I only had to rip the stitching out twice because I sewed the lining to the skirt backwards. Same thing, twice. I got very frustrated a few times but my mom was very patient and reminded me that it is fun to sew.  I don't know how many hours I have in this skirt, but it's more than it's worth.  I do like it though.  (I also went back to Jo Anne's on Tuesday and took a quilting 101 class.  This is the sqaure I made with Mrs. Iris's help.  I only had to rip it out once.  Always improving. And apparently I am really into orange right now.)
7.  My kids love our church.  Do they always love it for the right reasons?  Nope.  Do they sometimes fuss and say they don't want to go if they know one of their friends is not going to be there? Yep. I really am not concerned about their motives at this point. Would I love for them to go because they are excited about corporate worship and Bible study?  Yes, but I will settle for going to see friends whose parents believe the same way I do.  I will settle for showing them that church is important to our family and that they are going even if a certain friend isn't there.  I like this quote by John Piper and even though he is talking about reading the Bible in your house, I think it gets the same point across.
Replacing sterile family Bible reading with nothing is not vital Christianity. Dry sticks may burn again. No sticks won't.
8.  Someone is still loving tee ball.
9.  It's Cherry Blossom time in Macon.  We are the Cherry Blossom capital of the world and it's so pretty to ride around right now.  Everything is blooming pink.  (Or is covered in yellow.  That's another story.  If you have allergies you would hate Macon right now.)  These are the rest of my pictures from the fair last night.  (The kids that aren't mine are my niece and nephew.  Love that my kids are close with their cousins.)

10.  Yes, I am going to see the Hunger Games tomorrow and I can't wait. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Sorry for the delay.  What I thought was the flu, turned out to be mycoplasma and walking pneumonia.  We realized this after my 8th day of fever and I finally went to the doctor. Being sick as an adult is the worst.  I did nothing for 8 days.  I got so used to having a fever that when I went to the doctor my temperature was 101 and I didn't even know. I felt normal.  Thankfully, I have a husband with a flexible job and some very sweet friends who were willing to help me with the kids and bring food for my starving family. Thank you to everyone who helped us out!!!  (Note:  Bringing a big bowl of cut up fruit to someone who is sick is awesome.  I took a big bowl to bed with me and it was the only thing I ate for days.)
2.  One of my sick days I had to go the store for some essentials.  I mustered up all the energy I had and went to Kroger.  About half way through my trip I could feel my fever starting to break and the sweats starting.  Being an addict, one of my fears is for someone to look at me and think I am messed up when I'm not.  So, sweating like a pig at Kroger at noon was really freaking me out. I knew someone was going to see me soaking wet and standing in a puddle and assume the worst. (In case you didn't know, detoxing is not pretty.) I kicked it into high gear and got out of there as soon as possible.  (I didn't say this was at all rational.  Just my thought at the time.)
3.  Today I took a sewing class. Jason gave me a sewing machine a year ago and I have not touched it.  I am not usually intimidated, but that thing intimidated me.  Maybe it's because my mom is an amazing seamstress.   So today I faced my fear and went to class.  So far, so good.  Not setting the bar too high but hoping to make a simple skirt this weekend, under the supervision of my mom of course.
4.  Packy is playing tee ball and it is the cutest thing ever.  I love tee ball.  It's just so funny.  They don't know what they are doing but look so legitimate in their uniforms. Packy is into it and that is fun for Jason because baseball was his thing growing up (until he discovered girls and then that became his thing).  Packy likes to practice and wants to throw with Jason.  Since every child has a different personality, this is a new experience for Jason.  Someone who wants to practice and is totally fine with not getting it the first time. 
5.  Emory and I are headed to Tybee for St. Patrick's Day.  Packy has a game and so the boys are staying here.  We are riding with my dad so I don't even have to drive. Is it sad that I am looking forward to 3 hours in the car to do nothing?  I need a weekend away to do nothing.  I need to not be in my house and reminded of all the things I need to do.  I am hoping for beautiful weather but I will settle for sleeping in and not having to do anything.  (I also plan on having a surprise birthday for Emory. I was so sick on her actual birthday that I think she ate cereal for dinner.  While we did celebrate in NY, I hate that her actual birthday wasn't special.  Now, she did have a school sign and her dad brought her class donuts, so it wasn't a total loss.)
6.  After a number of days on antibiotics, I was ready to clean the sick out of my house.  I mean top to bottom spring cleaning.  All the floors mopped, all the sheets changed, anything that could bleached, bleached.  Jason worked in the yard while I worked inside and then we met in the garage. After a trip to the Macon Rescue Mission, for the first time in my life, I have a garage to park my car.  It's the little things that make me happy. (The only room I didn't get to was the playroom.  That's an all day project by itself.)
7.  My heart is heavy right now for so many families that are breaking up.  It seems to come in waves and I feel like a tsunami has just hit bunch of people.  It is so hard to watch and be powerless over people making life changing decisions.  Sometimes it just hurts.  Have you ever physically hurt for another person?  It's quite powerful to bare one another's burdens. 
8.  I am so excited that spring is here.  Warm weather is just better.  It just makes me smile to walk outside without a coat.  My body is happier in warm weather.  And yes I know it will be hot as blazes soon and I'm OK with that too.  I would rather be hot.  I have the summer clothes buying fever right now too.  Sandals, shorts, linen pants, tank tops.....I have the wants bad.  I want all of the black dreary clothes out of my closet and replaced by ones that resemble the colors of fruit. 
9.  My Christmas miracle ended.  From now on I will be hanging out of the door in the drive thru.  Don't laugh. 
10.  The best thing about my iPhone is FaceTime.  I love calling Betsy and seeing the girls.  Lolly is now walking and I don't feel like I am missing it.  When Betsy only had Hattie, she came to visit every couple of months.  With three and Hattie in school, that just isn't realistic.  Thank you Apple for making it so easy to see my New York girls.
11. Tomorrow is my birthday.  I just thought you should know.