Friday, April 30, 2010

Real Life

I love Spring. That is not a surprise to anyone who knows me. Warm weather and being outside makes my soul happy. It makes me want to be a better person. Nights like Wednesday are so fun...most of the night anyway. As I took pictures of what we did; watched Daddy cut a dead tree into fire wood with his chainsaw, load it up in to Packy's Gator, eat a delicious Rachel Ray meal, and finish the night off at Baskin Robbins for 31 cent a scoop cones, I see the big picture. I hope I am making memories for my children. But what you don't see in the pictures are the in between times, the real moments. The moments when I get so frustrated with the "I can't" attitude during homework time that I lose my temper. The sibling fighting and screaming that can take any peace you might have had and thrown it out the window. The "you hate me" that is thrown in my face when I am disciplining. These are the moments God uses to bring me to Him. When I want to give up He reminds me that I am in training right along with these children He has blessed me with. I must rely on His strength and not my own because I can not do it on my own. Then He blesses me with the moments that are picture worthy; working together to load the gator, trying a new dish and not saying "gross", and sharing bites of ice-cream since everyone got something different. Big picture.

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Lindsey said...

LOVE this post...thanks for sharing!