Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  For the last 5 days I have obsessively watched a mid-century modern credenza on EBay.  I have been looking for one for a while now.  Mom and I have been to Atlanta and I have scoured Craigslist, EBay, and every mid-century dealer I could find online for hours.  So last week I found the perfect one.  The right shape, length, color, price.....perfect.  No one bid on it for 5 days and I could feel the victory of "winning" this piece to put my new TV on (We have decided to purchase our first flat screen for the new house.  We have all tube TVs and our "family" one weighs at least 500 pounds.  Technology is not where we spend our money. Try not to gasp.)  So last night was the big night.  I signed in and watched it tick down to 5 minutes, the time I had decided to bid.  All is good.  Jason and I watch it tick down to one minute and he starts playing some count down music on the guitar (ugh).  10 seconds.  Then at 5 seconds my bid is replaced by someone else, $10 more than my max price and it's over.  I lost.  My heart sank.  I wanted to scream but I didn't.  I went to bed.  So here was my thought process.  If I am to believe that God is sovereign over everything then that includes my EBay bid.  So it wasn't supposed to be mine for some reason.  Maybe there is a better one out there for me.  Does God want me to trust him with my big decisions and my little ones? Yes.  (Jason is disappointed because now he knows I will keep looking for hours.)
2. It's spring break!  I really see no spring because it is cold and rainy.  But, I have discovered something I enjoy doing with my older kids.....tween movies!  Jason's mom always took Jay and Emory to see cartoon movies so I never really did.  I don't like to watch them at home because if I am at home I want to be doing something (or watching Bravo).  So Friday we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules (the only books Jay has willingly read).  I laughed out loud.  So between the Justin Beiber movie and this one, I have decided tween movies (G or PG only) might be a way for me to do something with just my big kids. 
3.  I am trying to hold it together with the "slow move".  Everyday someone asks me when I am moving.  Now, is usually my reply.  I have just enough to do at both houses that I can feel a little overwhelmed at times.  Someone reminded me that when it's May, I will be at the new house and this time will be over.  Right.  Why stress just to stress? 
4.  Yesterday, I found out that someone I went to meetings with died of the disease of addiction.  This person was my age and I sat next to them several times over the last year.  It is always hard for me to hear when someone dies, and I have heard it many times during the 2 years I have been sober.  I don't know if people understand that people really do die from addiction.  Believe me they do.  It once again makes me thankful that God opened my ears to hear what people were telling me I needed to do 2 years ago and that he opened my heart and mind to believe them.  I believe, honestly, that if I had not gotten sober I would not be alive today.  My days were numbered on the path I was on.  Thank you God for giving me a second chance at life!
5. I am up early for spring break.  I have that nervous butterfly stomach.  Not because I am going anywhere, but my kids are.  Mom is taking them to the beach (which will be cold and rainy) and I have a few days to bust it.  How awesome is my mom?  So, I got up early to do this list so that I can be productive all day.    This list actually takes me a while to do.
6.  Sunday, Hunter preached on Ephesian 6:1-4.  It's the "children obey your parents" verse. Jay and Emory sit in big church and this is never a relaxing time for me.  Gone are the days when I could just sit and enjoy the sermon.  Now I have gum chewing, feet tapping, fidgeting, "how much longer?" people sitting next to me.  But, I thought this week would be great because Hunter was talking to them.  Maybe this would be the breakthrough I was looking for.  Maybe they would listen intently. Maybe they would get it.  Nope.  The main points were that we should train our children to obey what we say, when we say it, and with a good attitude.  My children were not doing any of these DURING THE SERMON.  I was stressed when I left.  A follow up call (to check on me) by the preacher's wife, who is my sweet friend, reminded me that we are training them to do these things. Training is a process, not a one time and you get it deal.  She also reminded me that the most important thing that we as parents can do for our kids is love each other.  When kids know that their parents love each other, they have a security that helps them deal with the other parts of life. (Listen to the sermon here.)
7.  I miss LOST
8.  Emory and Packy are in full on show mode.  Music, dancing, acting, jump roping...they do it all.  I don't mine watching the first act of these shows but when it reaches the 10 minute mark and they start making it up as they go along, I'm over it.  I used to make up shows with my cousin when I was little.  I still remember all of the planning we put in to each act and how excited we were to show my grandparents.  The pictures are from one of the most recent shows. (Shows are not really Jay's thing, but every once in a while he will have a part.  Ususally the "crazy" person.  Mmm hmmm.)
9.  On Sunday I was packing and watching a marathon of Hoarders:Buried Alive on TLC. Want to know how to get rid of all the excess junk you have?  All of the things you keep just to keep, but don't really need?  Watch a show about hoarding over and over while you are moving.  Thank you TLC.  My yardsale/Goodwill pile is huge right now.
10.  I give up on making these pictures in a row.  Pictures from the show....


Stephanie said...

Hi Payton, I have a question. Tried to find your email but don't see one here...? Anyway, I love your blog and the Ten on Tuesday idea. I look forward to Tuesday just to read your posts. LOL I did a couple of my own "Ten on Tuesday" posts but felt guilty every time, like I am plagiarizing you! So...I figured I'd ask...Do you care if I steal your idea? If you do, no problem. I'll still read yours. ;)

payton said...

Hey Stephanie! Thank you so much for your sweet words. Please don't feel guilty because 10 on Tuesday was not my idea either. I got in from Erin Cobb (The Pig Bear) and if you google Ten on Tuesday you will find many bloggers that do it. It works for me because I tend to think in list form. (I didn't find your email on your blog either.)

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much! And thanks for pointing out that my email isn't available either. I think it was at one time--maybe it got lost when I changed themes? I don't know if that is possible, but I will add it. :)