Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I did give up Facebook for lent.  It wasn't my idea but I liked the sound of it.  I waste alot of time on Facebook.  You know the drill....you look at something interesting on your news feed and an hour later you are looking at the girl who moved in 2nd grade's pictures of her trip to Disney World. Is this really making the most of my time? So, I liked the idea of giving it up for 40 days and replacing that time with something with more of an eternal perspective.  I don't have anything against Facebook, so don't get me wrong.  That being said, I did look at it on my birthday, which was yesterday.  Facebook is fun on your birthday (you know it)  and since I am not under any law to not look at it, I did.  (Thank you for my birthday wishes!) (Also, Jason is checking my mail on FB just in case I get a message I need to answer in a timely matter.)
2.  Packy quit sucking his thumb.  On his own.  He may be the only person in our family to have self-control.  He went to the dentist about 6 months ago and they told him he needed to stop.  He said no.  We told him he needed to stop. He told us no.  He was never an all day sucker.  Usually just at night.  The last time we had a thunderstorm he got in the bed with me, but he wasn't sleeping.  I told him to put his thumb in his mouth and go to sleep.  He looked at me and said, "Mama, I don't suck my thumb anymore.  I don't want my teeth to stick out."  Sweet baby.  I don't know if he is self conscience about his teeth (because they do stick out) or if he just decided it was time.  Either way, he made up his mind and quit.  This is the kind of resolve that most of the adults in my family just don't have.
3.  Guess what Jason got me for my birthday?  A Panini maker!  He actually surprised me and I am so excited. Lee (Betsy's husband) made some awesome combinations when I was visiting a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to copy them.  Goat cheese, fig, and prosciutto? Arugula, mozzarella, and tomato?  Nutella and banana (not for me because I don't do bananas)?  I might just have to have a Panini party!
4.  I had a parent/teacher conference yesterday and did not cry.  That is progress! On the days I remember that God has a plan for Jay (just like He does for me) and that I am not in control of His plan for Jay, then I have peace.  I get frustrated when I put my plan for Jay first.  It's one thing to accept that God has a plan for your life, but it is a totally different thing to accept that He has one for your kids.  I know that as a mom I really want to control what happens to my kids. 
5.  Packy went to school today in all navy blue.  Navy blue pants and a Christmas navy blue shirt.  He got dressed all by himself.  Since he is my third child, I know that it does not matter if he wears something to school that I think is ridiculous. And,  that if I made him change after all of the effort he put in to getting dressed it would crush his small victory.  Plus, navy blue is my signature color.  I love navy.  I just painted my new dining room navy and I LOVE it.  So, off to school in his all navy outfit he went and nobody cared.  Don't sweat the small stuff.
6.  The house is coming along.  We (meaning Jason, his dad, and my dad) have been painting a few nights a week and on the weekend.  I have been loading up my van with as much stuff as I can each day and taking it over.  On my birthday Jason and I moved my dining room table and buffet.  Yes, I moved it.  In case you didn't know I do cross-fit and I am really strong.  Like really strong.  Thanks Howard.
7.  Last Friday Packy went to Scott's in Atlanta with my mom and me.  All day.  He shopped until he dropped.  Actually, he played on Mimi's iPhone.  He is an iPhone master.  He played cupcake, donut, nacho, pizza, cookie, cake, Christmas dinner, race car, motorcycle, and pie maker.  He made lots of stuff.  After he would make a couple of whatever he was making he would delete the game and ask to download a new game.  I had to enter her password each time so I knew the games were free.  Yesterday he spent a couple of hours at Mimi's and this morning I got a call from her after she received a $44 itunes bill.  I don't know how, but he went to town on her phone and bought 16 games.  The itunes people were very nice to refund her money after she explained that a 4 year old bought the games, not her.
8.  Still trying to get used to my new camera.  It is a heavy camera and I don't have all of my setting exactly like I want yet.  It does make the sweetest sound when it clicks.  A good, solid clicking sound.  Music to my ears. I love it.
9.  Emory's teeth have all fallen out in a month. See the pictures above. On another note, Emory learned a good lesson in disappointment this week.  She really wanted a solo part in the grandparent's production at school.  She tried out and didn't get it, but 3 of her good friends did.  She is not the strongest singer but she has all the confidence in the world.  I'm sure she belted out that song as loud as she could.  She was very upset about not getting the part. Lots of tears at school and at home.  This was a "teaching moment".  I told her that God's will is perfect.  I explained that sometimes what we want does not happen, but that it is still part of God's plan.  She seemed to get it. She could trust God that He has a perfect plan for her even if it wasn't how she planned it. She did get a speaking part so she resolved to do the best she could do with her lines and has been practicing everyday since.  Different children, different issues.  Emory is never afraid to try so she might get disappointed more than the other child, who won't try because he is scared to fail.
10.  Packy has so many faces.  Happy, sad, mad, surprised, scared. See above. Can you guess which emotion he is acting out? The big picture is the last one I took.  That's the face that says "I am done."

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