Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

If I wrote this yesterday or even early this morning it would have been so different.

1.  I went to meet a painter at 9:30 this morning.  He didn't get there until after 11:15.  I had already left after timing his last "be there in 10 minutes" and not being there.  I was almost home when Jason called and said he was there.  I was angry.  Betsy was going to The View today and I really wanted to watch it.  I let the painter in (without the tongue lashing I had told Jason I was going to give him) and when I got back in the car my phone was blowing up.  I saw your sister on TV with Whoopi.  What? I missed it.  I told her I wanted her to do that (an audience member always introduces the next guest) but had no idea that she was actually going to get to.  Beyond anger is what I felt.  I did some crying and some screaming (actual screaming) in my car.  I knew that I was going to see it, but the live moment was gone and I missed it.  So here it is and I am over it.  With painters, you get what you pay for and I am super cheap. (Press the triangle to play.)

2.  Speaking of my car, it is a rolling trash can. I don't care that it is old, but every time I clean it out, it is full of trash the next day.  I do care that my driver's side window does not roll down.  I am so ghetto in the Chick-fil-A and Starbucks drive-thru.  Drive in, hang out the door.  The Chick-fil-A people get irritated because they can't hear me when I am asking for ketchup thru the crack in my door. I can't be the only person whose window won't roll down in Macon, right? The thing is, it won't work for a while and then I get a Christmas miracle, and it's fine.  Seeing as how I hate to spend money on things like car windows, you can catch me rollin' ghetto at a drive-thru near you.  (This also explains why I don't roll down my window to talk to you if we are in a parking lot.)
3.  Someone who just started reading my blog said that they used to think I was "laid back" until they read this.  They said they had no idea how I stressed over stuff.  I would hate for anyone to think that I am constantly stressed out.  I promise I'm not.  I have never sweat the small stuff and still don't.  I do stress over my children and sometimes situations are just stressful.  There is a difference in stress and worry.  There is a misconception about being laid back.  Even the most laid back people have to deal with life.  I was once so laid back that it turned into not caring, and then to emotionally numb (chemically laid back=rehab).  Now I deal with each situation and part of dealing with them is this blog.  I didn't exactly intend for it to become this but it is working for me.  Writing things down removes the power they have over me.  I can deal with a stressful situation, share it with you, and move on.
4.  By the way, people always talk about how laid back Jason is.  Jason also has to deal with real life and is not as laid back as he appears.
5.  I hate loose paper but I always surround myself with notebooks.  If I don't write it down, it's gone. Currently I have a grocery list, Netflix list, Ikea list, stuff for Tony (our awesome handyman) list, everything I want to buy for the house list, a notebook for journaling, a notebook for taking notes at church, and a daily to-do list.  Can you tell why I blog a Ten on Tuesday? I think in list form. (I won't even start with my pen obsession.  If you have a good one and I am around, keep it close.  Just ask my Dad.) 
6.  Love HGTV especially Sarah's House and Secrets from a Stylist.  Hate Design on a Dime.
     Love Moon Sand (except for the sand everywhere).  Hate play-doh.
     Love So You Think You Can Dance.  Hate Dancing With the Stars (which is odd because I love stars.)
7. My local Benjamin Moore guy and I have gotten quite close these past few weeks.  I like to visit him about every other day.  I never buy enough white and you would not believe how many different greys there are (blue, green. brown....I often leave the store cross-eyed).  One day last week I grabbed another gallon of my favorite white and somehow knocked over another can.  I heard Benji yell "Did you bust it?" just as I looked down at the giant white puddle of paint at my feet.  Embarrassed does not even cover it.  I wasn't the only customer in the store and I got tons of reassurance that "it happens" but OMG.   What a mess!  Let me just say that Benji is awesome and I love Warno-Cam. 
8.  When I was little my mom left me in the car (remind me to tell you about my run in with a policeman when I left Jay and Emory in the car) while she went into Warno-Cam.  The guy who was mixing the paint asked who was driving the Audi that was rolling into the middle of Ingleside Avenue.  It was me playing in my mom's car.  I have a long history with Warno-Cam and would never go to another paint store.  Loyalty is one of my strong points. 
 9. My kids love to play in my parent's red truck.  We have had it at our house (since we started the never ending moving process) and they love to get in the back and pretend.  Yesterday Jay wanted to play warship with Packy in the back.  Emory wanted to play too and agreed to be the cook.  I wanted to take pictures.  What ended up happening is that I ruined Jay's game.  Emory decided not to be a cook but a model in the war.  Jay could not take a model being in the war.  He was so frustrated.  See the pictures below. Notice the salute?  Remember she was a war model.

10.  Betsy usually proof-reads this for me but she is so busy with her agent that I am going to have to publish without her approval. 

The Cabbage Patch kid will be here for a couple of weeks so watch out for her.  Like for  real....watch out.


Maddy K. said...

Love the pics of Emory. SO cute :)

HJW said...

so glad you posted B...loved Mimi's laugh at the end!

didn't you look in my car today? hopefully it made you feel a little better about yours...where does all the "stuff" come from?!?

awesome post (even without proof-reading)