Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's spring.  This is what I love.  Warm weather and front yard playing.  Packy is quite the tag player.  What he lacks in speed he makes up for in determination.  Look at that face.  He is seizing the moment he spots her with her back turned.
2.  According to my sister, I am in full house obsession mode.  I don't think so.  I mean maybe I am, but can you blame me?  I am moving and I want to paint every room before we move in.  I am color challenged.  My current house is white.  As in we painted every single interior room and hall white (kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, everything).  It's been like this for a few years so color is new to me.  I love my all white house and alot of my new house will be white too.  It's so fresh and clean.  I am trying to only do things at the new house that I LOVE, not things that will do.
3.  I wanted a church pew for my mudroom so I started looking on eBay.  Jason mentioned that he thought his parents had one so I inquired.  They did.  They have one that was Jason's grandparent's from their church.  When the church was remodeled they sold the pews to the members. This was their actual pew that they sat in.  His grandparents  died a few years after we got married.  Since Jason's parents weren't using it, it lives at my new house now.  I love furniture that has meaning.  Since most of my furniture is a hand me down from somebody, it has a story.
4.  More pictures.

5.  I took Packy to Nana Cable's assisted living home to visit today.  He was shy and was whispering when people were talking to him.  I told him he need to talk louder because they couldn't hear him.  So he said very loudly, "Why can't old people hear?".  They thought it was funny (except Nana because she didn't hear him).
6.  Is anyone else overwhelmed with the switching the clothes for the kids because it's officially a new season job?  It is rough over here.  I was happy to figure out that because of my sweet friends who hand down clothes that Jay is the only one who really needs anything.  Yea!
7.  I love evening sun pictures.  If you swing by in the late afternoon I would love to take your picture.  My only problem is that my own children are so dirty during this beautiful time of day.  Pretty picture, dirty mouth.

8.Keeping it light this week right?  Well I did learn a lesson this week but it's a little too personal to put out there for the world.  I did have to use some tools....spiritual and sobriety.  Anxiety is a beast but I ran it to the ground with the help of  Keisha and Rihanna via my iPod. 
9.  Jason is not really a "fix it" guy but he is one heck of a painter.  Let me just take this opportunity to thank him.  He agreed to paint every room in our new house, not because it needed to be painted, but so I could make it my own.  I love that man (who is painting right now at 9:43 pm).
10.  I leaned on a few of you pretty hard this week.  Thank you for holding me up.  Someone suggested adding to my prayers to receive my validation from Christ and not people or things.  I have prayed this for my children for years, that they would not look to their friends for security, but to their maker. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.
(This week is dedicated to Keena, David Mac, and Dana the birthday girl. No reason other than it's my blog, I saw all of you today, and cuz I want to.)


nose in some book said...

you inspire me on many levels, but this week I thank you oh so very much for the reminder that the truly great "inspirations" out there keep it simple and keep it real. props to you!

nose in some book said...

and I wrote that not because I feel I have to, only "cuz I want to".

Anonymous said...

Love you girl!!
and I will be sneeking a peek next week...my kids are in school..heehee!!!
have you called the painter yet?

see ya'll tomorrow! (friday!)

Stephanie said...

I love the story of your church pew! I had a similar experience with a treadle sewing machine. It was in an abandoned family home and a relative invited me to "go shopping" in the house. You didn't have to ask me twice! I use it as an entry table, and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I love parts of home that have a story.

Anonymous said...

muito legal!