Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Emory is 8.  See her shirt?  It's Justin Beiber.  We went to see his movie for her birthday.  It was really good.  Even if you don't like him,  it was a well done documentary and it will make you like him more than you did.  It makes you appreciate his talent (plays the guitar and drums as well as sings) and the fact that he did not need the "Disney machine" behind him in order for him to blow up. He has an interesting story and it was touching. (Yes, I did just dedicate one of my posts to Justin Beiber. I like him.  I danced in my chair during the movie.  Deal with it.)
2.  This has been a hard Jay week.  Nothing specific, just tough.  It is really hard to focus on development and not the immediate end result.  I want to explain something to him and him to get it.  After a few minutes of explaining something I feel is really serious,  he looks at me and asks if I want to play Mad Libs. No, I don't want to play!  I want you to get what I am telling you.  How can I expect him to get it when it took me forever to?  Pray, pray, pray.  And then pray some more.
3.  New York living.  It's a bit of a hassle.  You (meaning Betsy, since that is my reference point), do tend to stay in your neighborhood.  She lives on the west side, meaning west of Central Park.  Her school, grocery store, and anything else she needs are within walking distance.  She goes to BSF on the east side so she usually takes a cab.  The grocery stores are funny.  Funny to me.  They are small and crowded.  Trader Joe's is awesome but when I went, it was cart-to-cart traffic.  The next problem is getting the groceries home.  Cab?  Stuff it all in the basket of your stroller? Bus? She can only buy for a couple of days because her kitchen is too small to stock up for the week.  Lucky for Betsy, her husband likes to grocery shop and she can get all of her essentials at Duane Reade (drug store).  Essentials like cake mix to hide in the back of her cabinets (until her sister comes, finds it, and eats it all).
4.  Charlie Sheen.  I can't stop watching.  He is so sick.  At first it made me laugh and Packy and I still like to say "Duh, winning" but it is really so sad.  Sad, that when you are in your disease you can't see it but everyone else can.  Sad, that he really believes the things he is saying.  Sad, that he has children and they will suffer too.  Been there. Done that.  Happy to be in recovery (and also happy that my crazy wasn't on the news).
5.  I ordered my new camera.  Super duper excited.  For real.  Expect big things.  Maybe even pictures posted on days other than Tuesday!
6.  I really enjoyed this post on the Creative Mama (the first half).  How many of  us "lose" ourselves in our 30's?  We start being defined by our roles and lose our core. We try to be who we think people want us to be, or be like people we think we should be like. It is exhausting trying to be other people.  I am happy to be comfortable today with me, just as I am. 
7.  Lately I have been very encouraged by other women.  I know I have said that before but I forget how important connecting with other women is to my life.  Someone at the gym really made me feel better with just a quick comment when I was really stressing about Jay.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just a quick word of encouragement from someone who understands a child that takes more effort than the "regular" (ha ha) child.  That really helped.  I want to be aware of situations where God can use me to encourage others.
8.  How cute is this? Another friend from the gym gave me this to take to my new house.  I was actually thinking about how I was going to transition from my birdhouse to the new house.  I even thought about changing the name of my blog.  Now I don't have to.  I can take my birdhouse with me.  How thoughtful! 
9.  Jay is reading.  Huh?  It is really interesting.  He really like those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and will give up after school playground time to sit in the car and read.  That is so me.  When I read a good book I can not stop.  He has never enjoyed reading so watching him really love it makes me so happy. Now, after he finishes these books, any suggestions on another series?
10.  Still trying to be aware.  Praying for awareness.  Where is God trying to use me in a big way, or a small way?  He uses us.  We just have to be aware.

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natalie said...

Thanks for the peek into NYC living!

Will be praying for Jay especially hard this week. So wish I could have been on the prayer warrior team--would have loved to be the warrior for Jay, Emory, and Packy. I love to tease Jay when he comes through for dinner--even though he couldn't care less! :) I'll ask around about books for boys. When I taught 2nd grade, my boys sometimes like Magic Tree House, but those are most certainly not on Diary of a Wimpy Kid level. What about Captain Underpants? (I don't know anything about that series at all.) Oh, I know what they did like. They really liked The Mouse and the Motorcycle (by Beverly Cleary). It was older, so I had to do some explaining to them, but they liked it a lot.

Thank you for your Tuesday posts! I do so enjoy reading them!