Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have a $2 bill that I keep in my wallet.  My grandfather gave it to me and he died when I was 8 so I have had it a very long time.  Every time I get a new wallet it goes in the zippered pocket.  Many times in college I came close to spending it on....well, you know, but I didn't.  My kids think it is so cool and I love to look at it and remember my Papa Cable who I loved so much.
2.  Saturday I ran my first 5k.  I did not train and I am not a runner, but because of my Cross Fit training I was able to finish in 29:02.  I feel better now at 36 than I ever did in my 20s.  I always thought taking care of your mind, body, and soul was so new age and hokey.  It's amazing how I feel now that I am actually taking care of all three!
3.  The race went right by my house so I had a cheering section as I went by.  How fun to hear "Go Mama Go" from the cutest bunch of kids. 
4.  This article is really helping me.  It was posted by my friend Andrea who has an amazing blog that you can read here.  I am really trying to be intentional in what I buy and bring in to my house.  Do I really need this item or do I just want it to make me feel better?  Just because it's on sale does that actually make it a wise purchase?  This theory was really tested this weekend because I had a 30% off everything coupon to Old Navy.  I should buy stuff because it's cheap right?  I walked away from the Navy without anything because I didn't need anything.
5.  Along the same lines I am trying to teach my children about wise purchases.  I put a lot of thought into Christmas.  I don't want a room full of plastic that is so fun to open and then put on the shelf and never  played with again.  I would rather spend a little more money on a quality gift that I know they are going to use than a bunch of "filler" presents to put under the tree.  Teaching them to save their money to buy something they actually want instead of buying a bunch of junk at the Dollar Store (that will break before the sun sets) is another lesson that they are starting to learn. 
6.  We are jumping right into our new church, North Macon Presbyterian.  It's totally out of my comfort zone to be the new person but it's is totally what I feel like God is calling our family to do.  I have a post coming about how this came about.  Keep in mind I have never gone to another church.  Ever.  Since I was 3.
7.  I felt fall this morning.  Did you feel it?  Football is coming.  Go Falcons.
8.  I don't not understand how children win the Zero Absences award at school.  Mine have both missed a day each.  You puke, you don't go to school.  How can you go an entire school year without getting sick once....or are these the kids who come to school and get everyone else sick? (The picture above is the first day of school.)
9.  My house is always messy.  No matter how hard I try, the people who live in my house get their stuff everywhere (not Jason).  I have a goal this fall of having people over for dinner.  So how do these two things work out?  Should it matter?  Now before you start thinking "Of course it doesn't matter"  just ask how you really want your house to look when people come over. And on a side note..dinner party with or without kids?
10.  Thanks for hanging with me through last week's 10.  I actually went to church right after I posted that and heard an awesome lesson that turned my bad attitude right around.  Isn't it cool when you hear exactly what you need to hear?  God is always in the details.