Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Packy jumped off the diving board and swam to the side yesterday.   I am so proud of my little swimmer!  It is so interesting to watch the different personalities of my children.  Jay was, and is, hard to teach. He has a fear of failure.  Packy just does it.  No fear.
2.  I am ready for school to start.  Longing for a routine.  Ready to clean the house in the morning and have it still clean until the late afternoon.
3.  My mom sent my kids back to school balloon bouquets.  The kids were so excited.
4.  I was really grumpy on Sunday.  I think I had been gone for so long I had forgotten how to relate to people.  Everyone was getting on my nerves.  I was very "me" focused.  I did some reading Sunday and realized how selfish I was.  Monday morning I started over with an attitude of service..."What can I do for someone else?"  By Monday night I felt much better.  Amazing how getting out of myself can make be a happier person.
5.  Packy has started drawing.  He drew his first person with the circle head and the legs coming out of the head.  Isn't it interesting that they all draw this way first?
6.  My cousin, who is about to go to college, took Jay and Emory to Henry Burns park for the morning.  They went to explore the creek.  I used to do this with Hope when I was their age.  It's fun for your children to grow up in the same place you did.
7.  We went bowling Saturday morning at 9am.  Guess who is at the bowling alley this early?  No one!  It was great.  Bowling is the only sport that I can actually compete with Jason.  I won.  Twice.  It felt good.  The kids had fun and no one pouted for a couple of hours.
8.  I gave Jay a spool of string the other day.  He and Packy made a giant spiderweb in their room.  It was really cool.  I let them keep it up for a couple of days.  It was really hard to clean up when I had to do it on my hands and knees.
9.  What happens when your aunt digs a giant hole in the sand and you are so little that you can fit in it and then you get stuck?  And then your mom tries to pull you out?  This is what happens....
10.  My children are screaming.  As loud as they can.  It is so time for school to start.

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