Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Guess who went to her first Father/Daughter dance with her father?  This was actually her third dance but the first two she attended with my Dad, who was so sweet as her stand in.  The first year she missed because Jason was checking me into Talbott Recovery Center.  The second year Jason was having emergency gallbladder surgery.  She was determined that her Dad was taking her this year and she had a blast.  I love how she loves her Dad.  Just like I love my Dad.
2.  Speaking of my Dad, and my Mom, and their dog Tate,  they just got back to town today.  They have been in New York since January 4th.   I didn't want to tell you in case you read this blog and happen to be a burglar. (And yes, they took the dog.  My Dad could not leave his beloved son for a month.) The rented an apartment about a block away from Betsy and lived as New Yorkers.  They walked Hattie to PS166 (her school),  took Josie to her pre-school, and babysat Lolly so Betsy could go to Target.  They ate amazing food and saw some amazing shows. Papa (my Dad) took Tate to the dog park and let him sniff all of the New York City dogs.  They had a great time as New Yorkers and as grandparents of NYC children. I was happy that Betsy had them for a month but I am more happy they are home.
        I told Jason I didn't know how I put the roll on. I don't pay attention, I just put in on.  He said that's even worse and that I am for sure the second one, but probably the third. 
Jason and Jay went to Space Camp this weekend.  Yes, that Space Camp from the movie.  (I LOVED that movie.  Kelly Preston was amazing. It came out in June 1986.  The Challenger blew up January 28, 1986.)  This was a Scouting trip.  Jay had a blast and learned so much.  They had lots of hands on experiments, IMAX movies, G force simulators (the Gravitron to put it into fair terms), and sleeping in pods.  They were exhausted and stinky when they got home.  (I stayed up late watching Braveheart and then Bridesmaids and ate a ton of Crunch Berries.) 
5.  I've been praying alot lately.  This week I was reminded how powerless I am over people.  You know you can't MAKE someone change their thinking?  You can't MAKE someone look at something the way you see it.  You can't MAKE them take a different path even if you are positive the path they are choosing will cause heartbreak and pain.  The only thing you can do is pray and be available for God to use you.  So that's what I've been doing.  Whenever I feel anxious about a situation I have no control over, I pray and rest in the assurance that God is in control.  Not me, Him. 
6.  Our challenge at the gym for January was to do 100 squats a day (in addition to your workout).  Allowing one skip day that would be 3,000 squats.  I skipped a few days during the vomiting episode at our house so I had to make up the last few days but I did 3,000 squats this month. (Just got our new challenge and it is planking.  Planking is hard and I don't mean the kind that people post pictures of on Facebook That is just dumb.)
7.  Sometimes it is hard to be so rotten.  Right Pac?
8.  I really can not believe tomorrow is the first day of February.  One month closer to Spring.  One month of 2012 already gone.  I like how this year is starting.  The Run to Him study is so good and it's not too late to jump in if you need to get in God's word.  Simple and yet I am learning so much.  This past weeks title was I Cry Out Because He Hears/Psalm 4.  I love that.  He hears because I cry out. I am not required to do anything.  Just cry out.  Thankful that this is my God.
9.  Between Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and this blog I sometimes feel like I have too much out there on the World Wide Web (as my grandfather calls it).  Anyone else feel electronically exposed?
10.   Confession.  I watched the last episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.  And the reunion show of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part 1 (and I will watch parts 2 and 3).  And I like Fashion Police, especially after an awards show.  And, I am super excited about the new season of Bethenny Ever After starting in a few weeks.  I feel better having told you that.

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dana said...

i could comment on every single one...but .....i really want to live in NEW YORK for a week or so..
I love PAC and I can't WAIT For Bethany!