Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Friday

1.  I love this picture.  Guess who got up early and who we had to wake up?  We make them wait on the stairs so Daddy can check to see if Santa came (AKA make some coffee).

 2. Oldest (90) and youngest.
 3.  Did your MIL make it snow on Christmas?  Mine did.  (Although at the end it started to remind me of the foam party at the Masquerade.)

 4.  Aunt Amanda is the best at make-up.  So glad Emory has someone to give her tips!
 5.  Sweet Lauren.


Gwen said...

Please tell me what MIL means. And how does it make snow?

payton said...

Gwen- MIL is short for Mother in Law. Mine happened to have a snow machine so she made it snow.