Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This weekend kicks off football season.  I like football. I am not the girl that knows all the players names and stats and tries to hang with the guys.  You know that girl.  I like to watch it but if there is a marathon of something on Bravo then I am just as tempted to watch that.  Jason is a big Georgia fan and I graduated from Auburn.  This leads me to the Falcons.  I just prefer to watch the NFL.
2.  What I do not like to watch on TV is baseball.  We were watching Little League last week and that's fun.  I love to read how tall and giant those 11 year old boys are and the random facts they put up about them.  MLB is just not enough to keep my interest and I have two problems with it.  The first is the fact that the coaches wear the uniforms. Really?  It just looks silly.  Basketball coaches wear suits and football coaches wear khakis.  Why do baseball coaches wear the entire uniform?  And I find the signals ridiculous.  The signs between the catcher, pitcher, and coach just look dumb. My husband has tried to explain to me the importance of all the face touching but I just don't get it.  Isn't there another way? Jason loves baseball and this is totally just my opinion.
3.  Packy started 4K this year so this means he has to start coming to "big church" and sitting with us until it's time for the children to leave and go to "children's church".  The problem is that this started the month Jason is ushering so I have all the kids by myself.  Packy has done great for the most part but I did carry him out this past week with my hand over his mouth and plopped him down in front of his dad.  Quick talk with dad and he was great the rest of the service.  Sundays are hard.  I feel like Satan gives it everything he's got on Sunday.  Monday morning at the gym was filled with stories of how hard church was.  Some of the biggest fights I remember my parents having were before church (usually involving my dad polishing our English sandals with white polish).  By the way, I have no answer for this.  It's just hard.
4.  Packy's family night was Sunday night.  He wanted to have chicken, broccoli, and potatoes for the adults (?).  He iced Mario cupcakes all by himself.  For his games he wanted to go outside and play freeze tag, ladder ball, and a game similar to Bocce where we throw a small ball and everyone has to see how close they can roll or throw their ball to it (I dominated this game).  (Mario and Luigi cupcakes.  Yummy Ina frosting.  Nasty Pilsbury gel icing.)
5.  I love to set really high goals for myself so I can miserably fail.  Used to.  These are some of the actual goals I have actually written down and drove myself crazy trying to achieve.
  • Keep my house guest ready at all times. 
  • Not to go anywhere unless I was completely fixed up.  
  • Go to the car wash every week and have it completely clean for carpool.
Why would I do that to myself?  Trying to reach the unattainable and putting my worth in appearances.  That was the past.  If I am always worried about how my house looks, I will never use it for the fellowship that God wants me to have in it.  If I am so concerned about being fixed up (and if you know me that is laughable because I hate getting dressed) then I will miss opportunities to share with people.  The car goal is just dumb.  Who has that kind of time?  Now I clean it out when I get gas and that's good enough.
6.  I have a child who has become annoying lately.  Sometimes they aren't doing anything wrong but since it's getting on my nerves I want to punish them.  So I struggle with patience.  What else is new?
7.  Melted crayon art.  Hair dryer, creme brulee blow torch, lighters, and matches.  (Just to be clear, I made this, not the kids.)
8.  In the past two years I have switched my children to a new school, changed churches, and moved.  I am very happy with all of those changes but I miss the people I used to see on a regular basis.  I know life is all about seasons and that I am in a busy season with small kids.  I am so grateful for the women who are in my life right now organically.  I don't have to make a huge effort to see them and they are amazing.  I used to see a different group of people all of the time and now I don't.  I just wanted to say that I miss those people.  If I were better about planning I would schedule some coffee dates but I usually get about one of those a year. Remember what they taught us in Brownies?
Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.
(I must admit that when I was little I always felt bad for the silver friends.)
9.  I know it's Wednesday. 
10.  If you didn't read this on my Facebook, please read it now.  It's so good.


Katy said...

I just laughed out loud at you feeling sorry for the silver friends! I have never thought about it that way! Grateful for you, my friend!

cindy peed said...

Payton, I always am looking for your post on Tuesday and am so disappointed if you haven't. You make me laugh out loud. I would love to come see your new house and have coffee or you can come to mine. Let's plan a time. I miss seeing you on Sunday.