Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Friday

1.  Look at that boy.  He is so excited about 4k.  He loves his uniform.  Those are statements he made before school actually started.  Now, he does not want to wear his uniform or go to school.  The first day I went in with him and there were tears.  Today I dropped him off.  By dropped him off I mean pushed him out of the car while the carpool helper pulled him out.  Crying and screaming, "I'm scared".  Totally breaking my heart.  I drove off and did not look back.  I did receive a phone call and an email that he was doing fine.  (I LOVE that the school cares enough to let me know that my baby is fine. Baby?  Yes.  My baby.)
2.  I don't think I've brushed my teeth today.  This was a common phrase heard on the Tybee porch in the afternoon.  The question is who do you think said it?  Adults or children?
3.  Your baby's crying. Get your baby. Said in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite.  I don't know why but the word baby said in his voice makes me laugh.  I can totally crack myself up.
4.  We saw the Smurf movie.  I think the Smurfs totally allow people to say bad words using the Smurf language.  Packy said dinner last night was Smurftastic!  Perfect, but then someone else told me to Smurfin call them back.  This also makes me laugh.  Send me a Smurfin text and I will actually laugh at loud.
5.  I would like to say that my proof readers are both slack.  They both told me that I had errors in my Tuesday post but they thought the other person was going to tell me.  Neither told me.  Slack.  (It's Betsy and Jason.  They really get on me if I haven't written my Ten on time but yet can't tell me that they saw an error.  Slack is all I'm saying.)


Smurfette said...

I knew this morning was so hard on you..pacman was fine..little M James asked me where pacman was and we went to see him while he was getting a little tlc! Remember..he's been with you all summer and only went 2 days last year...he's going to be fine..he was all smiles every time I saw him during the day,just going to take a little getting used to! kids say..."someone smurfed" whenever they smell everytime

payton said...

Thank you Smurfette. I smurfin appreciate it.

smurfette said...

btw,,Pack's first lesson in REALITY!! it sux!

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