Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

(I don't know what Packy is doing.)
1.  My house is quiet.  I am supposed to be at the gym but we had a rough start this morning so Jason took the kids to school.  I was being blamed for getting the kids up too early, when I actually let them sleep 10 minutes longer than usual.  I was being blamed for making them take their lunch when it is bacon cheeseburger day, when actually it was their dad who decided two days a week of a healthy home lunch would be better.  Sometimes they act like I do everything wrong and it hurts my feelings.  I know they don't understand what I do for them.  I did not understand what my parents did for me.  It still hurts my feelings.
2.  Packy came in our room the other night in a sleepwalking daze.  I pretended to be asleep (so I didn't have to get up) and watched Jason pick him up in his too small Superman pajamas, complete with cape.  He sat on the bed with him in his arms for a few minutes and I about lost it.  Something about a sleepy baby in Superman pajamas and a sweet daddy snuggling for a few minutes. 
3.   I would like to thank (blame) Katy D. for my latest iPhone addiction, Words with Friends.  Who knew playing scrabble could be so fun?  Jason is playing too and we play each other all during the day.  We also play at night while I am upstairs in the bed and he is downstairs on the couch.  That sounds sad doesn't it?
4.  Emory's turn to plan family night was Saturday.  She picked Domino's thin crust pizza and made a chocolate cake with blue and green icing.  For her games she chose Twister and then wii Just Dance 2.  It was a lot of fun.  Jay did not participate in the dancing but I made up for it by dancing as much as she would allow me to.  She was a little bummed when I scored more points than her on Toxic.  I had to tell her that she should never challenge me on anything that includes Britney Spears.  I will win. every. single. time.    (Pictures below: Jason and Emory doing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, and Packy doing The Monster Mash)
5.  I have never seen Britney Spears.  I had tickets to see her. I checked in to rehab that day. 
6.  Did you see Emory's black on black tennis shoes?  I sent a first day of school picture to Betsy and she asked me if Emory was working at Bennigan's after school.  They are ugly.  I like ugly tennis shoes so I am totally with her and glad that she has the confidence to pull them off. 
7.  Jason and Jay spent a few hours shoveling mulch at the church Saturday morning.  There was a giant truckload delivered and the volunteers shoveled it into wheelbarrows and took it to the playgrounds and flower beds where it was raked out. Jason told Jay on the way to the church (at 8:15 am) that at our old church we would have just payed someone to do it.  He explained that at a small church people have to help out more but that it was a good thing to serve the church.  Jay added that they were also serving the Lord by working at the church. Did you hear the angels sing?  I love it when they connect something without me having to tell (beat it into) them. Jason also said that Jay worked really hard and did not complain. Angels again.
8.  Does anyone even look at this on Tuesday or do you just wait until Wednesday? 
9.  American Flag Churchwell, Jellybean, and Hiccup are still alive and in Macon.  Mimi actually kept those hermit crabs alive after we left them (on purpose) at Tybee.  Packy's class from last year is studying hermit crabs so he is letting them borrow for the week.  Little do they know.  Miss Dana has three new class pets. 
10.  So the mommy guilt has been creeping back in.  I totally set myself up for it.  When I am trying to be the BEST mom, BEST wife, BEST friend, then at the end of the day I only see the ways that I have failed in each of those areas.  When I miss God's calling to serve in each of those areas and make it about what I am doing then I put the focus on me.  The focus on me is always the wrong place for the focus.  It only leads to guilt and frustration.  I can still review my day and see areas where I could have served with a better attitude, or given grace to a child instead of whatever it is I give them, but I don't have to be weighed down with guilt.  The good news is that if I don't wake up in heaven, I have another day to love and serve. (My editor, Betsy, said that was morbid I think you get the point, right?)


monica lokkesmoe said...

LOVE this Blog!!!!! and yes i do read it on Tuesday.....but most of the time i am just stalking it with out commenting. BTW i really like you and your "editor"

Katy D. said...

You're welcome! Love playing Words With Friends with you...and Yes, I do read this on Tuesdays!

Jodi Bowman said...

Love your blog Payton and I look forward to it every week...but usually on Wednesday :). I saw your mom at Kroger (where I am sad to say is the only place I seem to have any outside social time!) and told her to tell you how much I love reading your blog. Mommy guilt is huge with me every day so I can totally understand what you mean! Thanks for writing this each week and I think it helps everyone to feel they are not alone when going through the good and bad of being a mother! Hope to see you soon....maybe at Kroger :)!

Anonymous said...

#3 Matt and I do the same thing. So fun. Any yes, I'm usually in the bed and he is in his chair. We're old, tired, and boring.

Trish said...

I always look for it on Tuesday, expecting it on WEdnesday though, so that I can be surprised when it IS there on Tuesday! And, I ditto Jodi! Thank you!

Dana said...

It adds a bright spot to my day...always await, impatiently..stick with Tuesday...Btw..I remember the Brittany Spears concert picture group..my first thought was "where's Payton" .....little did we all know that was just your beginning...!
Proud of you and amazed too!
The crabs will be ready when you are!

D Mac said...

Your life should be a TV series. Lisa Call and I were discussing you and this blog today in the parking lot at Ingleside Baptist. you just never know where your insight and humor goes. Thanks for being open and honest.

payton said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement girls (and guy). It makes me smile to get your comments and smile even bigger to hear that you can identify with my crazy life.
Jodi- My mom told me she saw you and most of my social life exists at Kroger too.
Monica-My editor and I like you too!

Andrea said...

hmmn. It's Friday. That about sums up when I read it. Or sometimes a couple a weeks later? I'm sorry! You do know I love it though!!!

Crystal said...

It's Tuesday. I'm waiting..... haha! Just kidding, this is the first Tuesday I've looked & it's only because of last week's post!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this (just found your blog). Talking about serving at church. That is the main thing I miss. I think we grow so much when we are encouraged to serve our local body of Christ with our time, energy, talents . . . Just think how much money could be used for people who can't pay their power bill, or buy groceries, or provide true necessities for their families, if people didn't feel like they should/could just pay for church work and not be bothered. Don't get me wrong, I know God blesses people financially, but to pool those resources, could change a family in need forever. KINGDOM WORK! EMix