Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

How handsome is my NYPD little man?

1.  I don't believe God allows you to go through something without a reason.  Yesterday I had a chance to tell "my story" to a group of people.  Speaking in front of people is not something I like but I knew I wouldn't die so I did it.  How could I not tell the story that God wrote for me?  Everyone has a story.  God has used something in your life to either bring you closer to Him or to drop you to your knees so that you realize all you have left is Him.  And he is everything.  So do you look for ways to share your story with people?  My sister asked me if I talked about God when I told my story.  "He is my story" was my response.
2.  After my talk I had an afternoon where I had to preach to myself.  Do you know that you preach to yourself all the time?  Mine came in the form of self doubt.  Did I say the right thing? I shouldn't have said that.  Did it make sense?  In order to combat these thoughts I had to preach the truth to myself.  God allowed me to use the words he wanted me to use.  I have no power over what I said. I am just an instrument that He can use to get the message of hope that He provides out to people.  He opens the hearts of the people who were listening.  Not me. 
3. It's almost October and that means scary movies are coming out.  I hate scary movies.  I have nightmares from just watching commercials.
4.  After many Member/Guest golf tournaments I have put together a wife survival guide.
The basics are it's expensive and he will be gone. OK, now the specifics.  First, just know that your man will be gone from Thursday at lunch to Saturday late afternoon.  This means the entire time.  Don't count on him to be at home for breakfast or to get the kids ready for school because he will be at the club eating breakfast by 7:30.  As long as you know you aren't going to see him you can hunker down into survival mode.  I like to get Redbox movies for each kid in my house.  A craft is always helpful.  This year I had a man give me come giant cardboard boxes.  I put them in the garage and let them do whatever they wanted to.  They colored them, made doors and windows, put "stuff" from their rooms in them and had a ball. The key is to be prepared.  On the last day is something called a Shoot Out.  This means that just because the tournament is over, your man in not coming home.  He won't be home until the tournament is over for everyone.  Now, if he plays well he might tell you he won.  Don't get excited because most of the time this can be translated into proshop credit.  And believe me, there is nothing you want in that shop.  He might win some money but the tournament costs so much that you just give it back to your club.  The best thing you can do is pretend he is going to be out of town so you don't really expect him to be around and encourage him to kick some butt. Bragging rights are everything. 
5.  Packy is going to Bible Study Fellowship with me.  It's so cool because he learns the same thing I do on a 3 year old level.  My favorite part is that they sing hymns.  His little voice singing Holy, Holy, Holy is the sweetest.
6. Jay quit baseball.  We let him.  This is why and how.  Saturday he had a practice.  Saturday night the coach called.  I did not answer it, of course, because I knew it was the coach.  I let Jason call him back because I can't really process Jay news without becoming a puddle on the floor.  The coach told him Jay had tears in his eyes and when he asked him what was the matter Jay told him he hated baseball and that his parents were making him play.  I think there was some teasing involved from other teammates.  Puddle.  So Jason talks to Jay and gives him two options; 1.  Finish the season.  2.  Call the coach and tell him you don't want to play.  He told him to take a day to pray about it and let him know the next night after dinner.  He decided to call the coach.  Himself.  He thanked him for being his coach (he was a very encouraging coach) and explained that he did not enjoy playing baseball.   I am so proud of him.  And his Dad.  Jason taught him that quitting was not acceptable in most situations but there is always room to regroup when parents make a mistake. 
7.  I am no longer going to force Jay to do something I think he will like.  If he wants to do something, great.  No more forcing.  What I want Jay to know is that he is loved by his family and God.  He doesn't need a trophy or an external achievement to make him happy.  (Remind me to remind this to myself.)
8.  I am officially sick of everything I cook.  If you have a fun website with good, healthy food, please let me know.
9.  I was going to write about parenting regrouping but when I went on The Flourishing Mother today, I found everything I wanted to say in her post, Beginning Again.  Thank you Andrea for your beautiful words.
10.  Tommorow is Jason's birthday.  We have now been together longer than we have been apart.  He is such an amazing man.  Amazing husband.  Amazing dad.  He is patient.  He is kind. He has always made me laugh and always made me feel safe.  Although he has very dry skin, I love him more than I knew I could love.  Happy Birthday Jason!


Andrea said...

Payton, I love everything about this post. I have no doubt your words you spoke were amazing and had an impact in someone's life, if not more. I love the story about Jay. You and Jason are doing so great. He is so blessed to have you two.

HJW said...

Where do I start?
#1 - wish I could have been there. Proud of you for sharing your story. I loved CC quote wed. that everything that happens to us has God's fingerprints on it :)
#2 - well, hello Charlie Chase
#4 - had me in tears...absolutely hilarious & so true! I needed a laugh considering cw is in another tournament this weekend (yeh, back to back) only it goes through sunday - me, bitter? never...yeh, I'm struggling.
#6 - love me some Bird, so proud of him (& ya'll...no easy task being a parent)!