Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I have signed on to this countless times over the last few days but nothing came out. So, only because it's Tuesday and my sister has already emailed me, I am forcing it out.

1. I hate being sick. Packy and I were sick all weekend. Thankfully it was a holiday so Jason was home. Sadly, it was a holiday. Jason took the kids to church, swimming, to the fireworks, and to a family cook out while I stayed with Packy. When I don't feel well, I want to live in my bed. Lucky for me Packy wants the same thing, so we spent hours watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey and slept.

2. We had a big week before the sick. Packy learned how to swim. Emory learned how to ride a bike. Packy was self motivated. Emory was Webkinz motivated.

3. I am anxiously baking. I have a lot coming up and baking somehow helps. At least eating the dough helps.

4. Yesterday a friend of mine lost her child. I know this sweet girl is finally free of the broken body that she lived in for 10 years and is with her Heavenly Father singing praises. At the same time it is the loss of a child. This is when faith really comes in to play. Do I really believe what I say I believe? This family is clinging to God's promises. They have amazing faith. You can read their story here.

5. I am not good at talking on the phone. I am better in person or writing you a letter. Let's get together and talk.

6. I think it's funny that when Jason starts throwing the kids at the pool, other kids, that we don't know, ask him to throw them. He says, in a very nice voice, "I don't know your mom and I don't think she would like it if I threw you".

7. I had to learn another hard lesson with Jay. After he got the third out during a scrimmage game some kid asked him, "Why did your mom even have you?" He had not been hitting good at camp. I didn't know this and made him hit at the end of the last day during a "home run derby". Of course I was the only mom out there and didn't know he didn't want to hit because this kid would make fun of him again. Ugh. Thank goodness it was the last day because I would have hated to go all redneck on some kid I didn't know. I cried. I felt pain for Jay. I felt pain for me not being able to remove Jay's pain. I felt pain for subjecting Jay to embarrassment of his mother. I didn't want to feel the pain. Old habits die hard but I learned to walk through the pain. A wise friend reminded me that God could be using this situation to prepare Jay for a future event. If I don't let him learn how to deal with pain in a small way then how can he handle major pain? Having kids is hard.

8. I have a secret. I'll tell you later. Actually, I have a couple.

9. Writing helps me sort the crazy out of my brain. It's still there but usually if I write it out I can put away the senseless and deal with any real issues. This will not make sense to you if you aren't crazy, or you don't write.

10. I have grocery store feet. All summer long. Too bad.

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Trish said...

#7..your child's pain has got to be the hardest part of being a parent. That made me cry.
#8..not nice. How about a "one for Wednesday" and you tell us this secret.
#10...hahahaha! Me too!