Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...in Tybee

1.  We just rolled in to Tybee for the month.  All of the girls and all of the kids.  Everyone survived the trip down. 
2.  A DVD player is a must for me for this trip.  I don't have a car with a built in DVD but for my own sanity I travel with one.  Jay and Emory watched Robots and Bolt.  Packy watched about half of Finding Nemo.
3.  I listened to Jack Johnson and Coldplay.  These are relaxing CDs for me as I drive with 3 kids.  Plus, Chris Martin sings to me.
4.  Right now Betsy is asking all of the kids what they want to do this summer and writing it down on a master sheet. So far we have ride bikes, learn to swim, whipped cream fight, make a picture frame, water balloon fight, finish a quilt....  She always has high expectations for summer vacation.  Lots of learning. (See #6.  I feel the same way Betsy does right now around Memorial Day.)
5.  One of my secrets is that someone is pregnant and it's not me.  Yea!
6.  The summer is half way over and I am right where I usually am.  The "plans" I made have been thrown out the window.  I am back to waking up and figuring out what the day is going to bring.  This is not how I like to operate. I like a plan.  It makes me feel in control.  Of course I am not in control of anything.  I do not have the whole wide world in my hands, someone else does. 
7.  It's hard to write this when I am trying to watch the series finale of The Hills.  Stephanie Pratt just had the most ridiculous conversation about not drinking after she ordered a Pepsi at a bar.  So dumb.  I guess the writer couldn't find a more natural way to discuss addiction.  Lame. This is getting more painful by the second. ("I think I'm going to get out of here and move to Europe."  "Europe?  Do you know anybody out there?"  Out there?  These people are so dumb.)
8.  I do not try to hide my bad TV watching.  The Real Housewives of "Anywhere"?  I'll watch it.  Not in one sitting but Bravo gives me so many chances to watch.  I really can't wait for the new season of Rachel Zoe.  I die.
9.   The other night we were hanging out with my my family on my Mom's patio.  Jay was sitting with the adults talking.  I saw a glimpse of him just being him.  Relaxed and not "on".  Not trying to impress or make anyone laugh.  Just being Jay.  When Jason and I were talking about it later that night it made me cry.  It is so rare to see him comfortable being himself.  
10.  This same patio night my family started a conversation about what blood type everyone was.  This progressed to who can roll their tongue and who can flip their tongue over.  And from there we started with the weirdness.  Mainly Jason and Lee.  Jason has these "wings" that he pops out of his back and he can clap with one hand (Jay can do the one handed clap).  Lee can pick his nose with his tongue.  Really.  And with that I have nothing more to say.
OK- so the last 5 seconds of The Hills was the best. 

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