Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jason's Hidden Talents

A couple of weeks I told you I would reveal Jason's hidden talents. So here they are. In list form, of course.

1. He is really good at getting things out of trees. Balls, remote control airplanes, Frisbees. He can throw things in to the tree to knock down the stuck item. This is very important because we get a lot of things stuck in trees.
2. He can spin anything on his finger. You know how the Harlem Globe Trotters spin the ball on one finger? He can do that with pillows, books, some toys, and balls. This is pretty much a useless talent.
3. He can play the guitar. He would say he's not good but I think he is. I also find it impressive that he decided at 35 to start playing and taught himself with the help of Marty from YouTube. I like to hear him play and find it relaxing. Unless he starts playing in the kitchen while I am cooking and the kids are fighting. In that situation I could think of many things I'd like to do with that guitar.

4. Puzzles, Sudoku, cross word puzzles...all fall under his strengths, not mine.

5. Cutting the grass is another talent of his. He has a certain routine to cut, edge, and blow our yard. I've had many people ask about our "yard man". He likes this job. It's therapeutic for him to work hard and immediately see the results. That is until the magnolia tree blows her leaves all over the front yard and sends him in to an anxiety attack. I have to remind him that he is powerless over the magnolia tree. He wants to cut it down.

6. He is an awesome Dad. He plays. I take care. (And I read. He doesn't read.) Lego's, trains, Magnetix...basically any of the on the floor and build games that my boys love, he does. He makes really cool things that they love. They still come and show me what Daddy made.

7. He is really good at loving me. This is not easy. I can be hard to love. Ask my parents. They were happy to sign me away and in to his care. I am blown away at what an amazing man he is. We started dating when I was 16 and I could never imagine how the Lord would grown him into such a kind and loving husband. He is the best. (He asked me today if I would go to see a Metallica tribute band with him. I think I will.)

I know there are more so I will update as I remember.
Update. Guitar Hero, the one handed clap.


betsy norwood said...

you make me laugh out loud. i love your lists. I wish you had a list every day but it's makes the wait so worth it. life in the birdhouse is such a sweet place to live. and what a GIFT of a hubby you have been given. i am and will always be so thankful for that Krystal parking lot :)

Anonymous said...

i love him too.

Andrea said...

you should make Jason at least read this.....