Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten on Tybee

It can't be Tuesday.  Really?  Are you sure?
1.  The kayaking trip was awesome.  My dad decided to sell his sea doo so we can buy some kayaks.  We went over to Little Tybee and explored this uninhabited island.  It was awesome.  Fiddler crabs everywhere.  Our next plan is to take the kids and camp over there.  It's a little hot now but early fall will be perfect. (Thanks Mom for the push to do something new.)
2.  The waves at Tybee have been insane.  Bigger than I have seen them here.  I love riding waves.  Really love it.  The thrill of catching a big wave and dropping as it crashes is awesome.  Growing up I went to St. Augustine and I rode waves with my cousin all day.  Riding waves now reminds me of being a kid. 
3.  I finished a book and cried in front of my kids.  My daughter understands this kind of crying because she recently watched a movie and cried.  The younger kids stared at me.  Sometimes I get too in to books.  Actually a lot of times.  I have to be careful.  I get sucked in and it takes over.  (Sort of like the music.)  Not confusing my emotions with the emotions of the book is something I have to guard against.  There have been times when I could not get out of bed because of a book.  So this book was emotional but I was able to separate my reality and the book.
4.  The men were here for a long weekend.  It's always more fun when they are here.  Kids are different when their dads are around.  It breaks my heart for kids who don't have a dad around for whatever reason. 
5.  We had Betsy's game night last week.  The Game of Things and Scattagories for the adults (both games have enough laughter and intensity to be fun) and Jenga and UNO for the kids.  We also had a Hide and Seek game with kids and adults.  Some adults.  The cool adults who like to play.  I really got in to the hiding.  Scrunching myself in to a tiny shelf in my mom's closet and risking roaches in the utility closet.  I would say that I won.
6.  It is really hot.  117 degree heat index today.  Hot.
7.  One good thing about Tybee is the back river.  When the beach is really crowded we go to the back river.  It is sort of like going to a lake that happens to have a strong current.  Jay likes to take a net and catch things to put in his fishing bucket.  Last week he caught a baby puffer fish.  It was so cool. (Jay did a school project on puffer fish a couple of years ago and we have had one hanging in our kitchen ever since.)
8.  My dad is really good at finding sharks teeth.  He has a bowl with hundreds of them that he has collected over the years.  I can find them too.  I found 2 on Sunday.  (Jason found one too.  He is so good at random stuff.  Remember?)  I think it makes my dad proud that I am good at finding them too.  People say that not only do I look like my dad but that my personality is like his as well. In some ways. 
9.  My favorite kind of ice cream is chocolate and peanut butter.  My brother in law loves to eat. He hates germs. In order to save my ice cream...
It worked.
10.  My very first best friend was Hope.  The other day we watched some of the home movies that we had converted from film to VHS and there was Hope.  We were little kids playing in the snow and sticking our tongues out at the camera.  The fun part was showing that to Emory because her best friend is Hope's daughter, Lola Grace.  Hope's mom has a house at Tybee and that's why my mom is here.  Three generations of best friends.  Spending summers at the beach.  Does it get any better?

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