Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday... in Tybee

1. Emory has gone from not riding a bike at all to riding all over Tybee.  You can get anywhere on Tybee by bike so it is very helpful to upgrade her from a scooter or being pulled to being a full rider.  When we go to the beach we put chairs on our backs and babies in bike carriers and then pile all of the beach stuff on top of the babies.  It makes it so much easier to not have to park a car and it's not that far.  Emory is now riding to the beach or grocery store or wherever I go. 
2.  Jason and I went white water rafting last weekend with the alumni group from my treatment center.  It is such a fun group.  The water was freezing and our guide had fun guessing how we all knew each other (35 people). (Before we told him he had offered us weed, Crown Royal, "happy pills" and moonshine.  "No thanks.  We've all had enough.") We had good food, a nice hot tub, an awesome cabin, and some insane Tennessee fireworks.  The stories you hear around the fire with this group are always entertaining.
3.  This is Packy and my song:
I have a special Packy.
I keep him in my pocket.
And when I want to kiss him.
I take him out and kiss him. (or eat him, or moody him, or whatever I want to him)
4.  I love making drip castles. 
5.  We have an outside shower at Tybee. I love being outside and showering. 
6.  On Friday we are kayaking to little Tybee.  It's a half day trip.  No kids.   
7.  I love back to school shopping.  New uniforms, new backpacks, new tennis shoes. 
8.  It's a lot harder to make a list of 10 things every week then you might think. 
9.  Emory and Jay just got their class assignments.  Emory was separated from her two best friends.  She likes all of the girls in her new class and knows she will see her old friends on the playground.  I hate when they take stuff better than I do.  I know God has a plan and His will is better and bigger than mine but I was upset over the class list?   I am excited about this new year and can't wait for Em to get to know some more girls.
10.  Things that make me laugh on YouTube:  double rainbow guy, flip flop guy, and the donkey parasailing in Russia.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I just found your blog and I just love it. My little girl and I are moving to Tybee August 17th. I am very excited. We've only vacationed there but fell in love with the beach, the people and the close proximity to Savannah. I will continue to read your blog. We don't know a soul who lives there so for now we will live vicariously through you and your family and your blog. Take care. Terri (tkaestner2@my.stlcc.edu)

payton said...

You will love living in Tybee. It is so laid back and very peaceful. I am so glad that you found my blog!