Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My goal is to post more on this blog than Ten on Tuesday. The problem is that Tuesday keeps coming around so fast and I feel like I am keeping up if I can at least get a list up. But I am working on writing more.

2. I spent 10 days at the beach. I had a great time with the kids. I could have stayed longer but I missed my man and my home. I am a homebody and need a routine. My clipboard was calling my name. It needed a new list with some boxes to check off.

3. I have new laminated routine sheets for Jay and Emory. They have morning and evening routines (brush teeth, make bed, clean room, etc.) and daily activities including journaling, reading a chapter of their chapter books, and some kind of math. This is for my benefit so they don't watch TV all summer. Jay hates this plan. Emory likes it.

4. I was back from the gym this morning before my people even got up.

5. I took 762 pictures at the beach. I don't think they are very good. There are so many things to remember and I always forget one thing and it screws up my picture. Practice practice practice.
6. I started my quilt. So far so good.

7. My recycling consists of lots of black garbage bags in my garage. Jason says I need a better system.

8. I don't kill roaches. Macon has lots of roaches. One was upstairs the other night and he flew while Jason was trying to kill it. Flew on to his leg. Can you imagine? I locked myself in the bathroom once I saw that thing take flight.

9. If only my follow through was as good as the plans I come up with.

10. Today is a good day. I am content with where I am right now. Perfect? No. Where God wants me to be? Yes.


Betsy Norwood said...

mom and i were just crying laughing at #8. crying laughing. i love your lists. you inspire me.

Leslie said...

great list Payton! I just finished a quilt for Eliza that I started LAST SUMMER. It was such a fun project and when I finally committed to doing it, it didn't take long at all. love that you are back blogging!