Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love the beach. Love, love, love. My children play great at the beach. They make friends and ride waves. Basically they leave me alone and don't say Mama a thousand times a minute.

2. I hate hearing Mama a thousand times a minute.

3. I have 12 tan lines. It's looks ridiculous. It is a combination of totally different bathing suits and my haphazard way of applying sunscreen. It irritates Jason because he is very methodical about sunscreen application, along with most other things. Remember the dishwasher?

4. I loved the special time I got to spend with my new future pastor, his amazing wife, and their precious four children (who also happen to be our good friends). Seven kids at the beach may sound like a lot but it was relatively easy. Pictures to come.

5. My sister just got a new apartment in NYC. I found it for her on the Internet and it is TWICE as big as her current apartment. Sounds good until you realize her current apartment is about 650 square feet.

6. Popsicles and watermelon are my summer staples.

7. I'm hungry=I'm bored 9 times out of 10. (Someone just told me this nonsense. My answer? Go outside.)

8. Every single person in my family needs a haircut.

9. This school year was amazing. Were my children perfect? No. Were they loved? Yes. Did they make good friends? Yes. Did Miss Brown and Mrs. Putnal set the bar high? YES!!! FPD was an answer to so many prayers.

10. I am pretty good at catching a Frisbee.

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