Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Sunday was Bow Tie Sunday at our church.  How cute are these guys?  Most of the men at our church wore one if they had one, old and young.  The pastor made sure that visitors knew we were not a cult and that you did not have to wear a bow tie to come and worship with us.
2.  While Betsy was here, riding around with me, I had a revelation.  I need a personal assistant.  Someone to make calls for me while I drive, stay in the car with the kids so I can run in and out, hang out with me while I get dressed to go out.  You know the drill.  I'm sure New York mom's have them. All of the Real Housewives have assistants.  It would just make things so much easier.  All interested applicants send your resume to my Facebook page.
3.  The new house is great.  I am starting to feel like it's really mine.  One new thing is new bugs.  Gone are the Ingleside roaches and it's place are ticks, spiders, beetles, and random bugs I can't identify.  I will gladly take these bugs over roaches any day.  The ticks are a little yucky because every other day someone has one, but I'm a picker so I can deal.  (If you don't know what a picker is, then you aren't one.  If you are, you know.)  Roaches are the worst.  Well, rats really are the worst but I can't start that conversation right now.
4.  This weekend was the kick-off to golf tournament season.   I was not mentally prepared.  I did not take the advice I gave here.  By Sunday I was spent and this tournament was a legitimate golf event (meaning not a beer on every hole type tournament, and Jason was home every night). It should have been easy but it wasn't.  I kept trying to take a nap and couldn't fall asleep.  I wanted to organize all of the stuff in the garage but I got too overwhelmed.  I needed a plan and I didn't have one.  Next time, plan.
5.  I was talking to someone this morning who had one of those mornings.  You know, the ones where you feel guilty about sending your kids to school because you lost it with them.  I have cried before at how I talked (screamed) to them right before they were about to get out of the car.  The guilt is overwhelming.  I always want them (Jay) to have the best possible start to the school day.  I think one of the best things I can do for my kids is to tell them I messed up. Telling them I am sorry about my behavior and that I need Jesus as much as they do is the only option I have on these occasions.  (Maybe even drive back up to the school to let them know this and give them a big hug.)
6.  I didn't anticipate a learning curve for walking around the new house but I can not tell you how many times each day someone has tripped or stubbed something.  This includes me.  I have banged my head on a low ceiling, fell up some stairs and jammed my finger, and crashed my hip into the island.  Packy and Emory are right there with me.  I guess we haven't learned the flow of the house, depth of the stairs, or when not to bring our heads up too fast.  The three of us are bruised up.   
7.  The jasmine and gardenias are blooming at my house.  Gardenias are my favorite and I have always looked for them as a sign if I was looking for a house.  This house has tons of gardenia bushes. I didn't even know until the blooms started popping out. God is so in the details. 
8.  ‎"If you are not in the Word, then you do not have the *luxury* of self-examination." KJ the DJ  Love this Kari Jo. 
9.  During the move process, I got out of my morning routine.  I wasn't getting up early, having a quiet time, or reading my Bible.  When I get out of my routine spending time with God I start looking at the faults of other people.  I loose my compassion and humility and become judgemental.  I let other people take up space in my head and worry about things that are none of my beeswax (and since I started reading Facebook again there is a lot of new material I can over think). Basically, I lose my serenity.  Guess who got up early today and had a much better day?  Starting my day with the Lord is always better than not.
10.  I am really excited about my cousin John and his wife Janet's new project.  They are building a community organic garden at our church.  Families will be able to help with the garden and benefit from the results.  Janet said she really wants children to know where food comes from.  I love that.  Food does not come from the grocery store in case you were wondering.  Another member of our church owns Deer Creek Farms in Forsyth (look him up on Facebook) and he has the BEST strawberries ever.  An afternoon picking strawberries is a good activity for any kid.


Anonymous said...

reading you is just like watching another episode of I Love Lucy. I love Payton! ur teaching all of us that humans need Jesus all day everyday. (we miss u in the little room)

Andrea said...

i'm a picker. =)
personal assistant? genius.
no quiet time=losing your serenity? i'm stealing that one.

Tommy said...

what a lovely blog!