Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  How cute is Packy teaching Nana and Ma how to use an iPhone?  You know they have no idea what he's doing. I love to see a 4 year old teaching a couple of 90 year olds.
2.  I just realized that I have been posting a Ten on Tuesday for a little over one year.  The very first time I did it I posted it on Wednesday.  Kind of a sign of things to come right?
3.  This is a prayer calendar made by a great website called Inspired to Action.  It gives you a different thing to pray over your child each day. I am laminating mine.  I love to laminate. And I love to pray for my kids.
4.  The Christmas miracle is over.  My passenger window rolled down and now it won't roll back up.  This problem is worse than my ghetto, non- rolling down, driver's side window.  Rain in the car is unacceptable.   So I took my car to the shop and asked them to fix the passenger side.  I can deal with the driver's side. 
5.  My mom set the bar really high this weekend.  She cooked a big meal for my Dad's birthday and it was delicious.  Jason had talked to my mom on the phone and he told me she was making something like an Oprah Winfrey dinner but another person's name.  What? And then it clicked.  An Ina Garten dinner? Yum.  I love her and she's not mayonnaise-y like Paula Deen.  So we had roasted root vegetables, roasted brussel sprouts, couscous with pine nuts, a pork loin, and some delicious lemon glazed pound cake.  That is what I'm talking about.  After eating such a delicious dinner I was inspired to cook again.  So Monday I made crab cakes and cocktail sauce and a field green salad with warm (and by warm I mean fried) goat cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.  It was good.  Really good.
6.  Sunday we had nothing to eat after church.  It is a goal of mine every week to have Sunday lunch ready.  It never happens. So we went to Jeneane's (meat and three restaurant).  Jason was already grumpy when we got there. (Sometimes it takes everything you got to get through church with the distractors sitting beside you.)  We were seated quickly and even got our food quickly.  The problem started when I spilled an entire glass of ice water in my own lap.  I was trying to pass Emory her plate and I tipped it.  Jason watched it happen in slow motion.  I was soaked down to my underpants.  What can you do but laugh when you soak yourself?  The problem was Packy.  He got upset because a couple of drops got on his Croc's.  Sometimes when he gets upset it's hard to reign him back in.  (This is where Jason started to lose it.) Emory got upset because a couple of  drops got on her American Girl doll's dress. Every child cried at some point during the duration of the meal. Jason left with the "why do we take them out to eat....ever?" attitude.  I was really at peace.  Was it relaxing? No.  Was it entertaining for the people around us? Yes.
7.  Summer is almost here.  I used to have a daydream view of summer.  Sleeping in, playing outside, reading books, taking naps.  Everyone getting along. Drinking lemonade.  The reality is by the second day of summer vacation everyone wants to know what are we going to do now?  So now I plan.  In June we do some camps.  The month of July is Tybee with Betsy and the girls.  The first part of August is getting ready to go back to school boot camp.  Each day I try to have some kind of plan.  Even at the beach.  Believe me when I say that my kids can get bored at the beach and of the beach. This summer the plan will include multiplication (3rd grade is hard), journaling, and reading.  I will be that mom.  Jay has been warned.
8.  I love to read.  I had dreams of reading to my kids all of the time.  The truth is I don't.  I started strong with Jay but now I play the too busy card.  I was really challenged by someone recently about reading out loud to my kids.  Jay and I started last night reading Frindle.  Emory read out loud to Packy.  (Note to self: You could use the time you waste on the computer to read to your children that will soon be grown.)
9.  I am currently re-reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  It is so good and inspiring.  Read the book and then watch his lecture online.  If you can't read it then make sure you watch it.  You can watch it here.
10. I had some other things I was going to say but I was just handed this note:
You are so right sweet girl.  I should not hurt your heart.  I love you so much.  And once again, Mama is sorry.
11.  I loved James Frey from the beginning.  Loved every one of his books.  Thought Oprah was way hard on him 5 years ago.  Happy to see that she tried to make it right. 


dana said...

omg..how precious is that note!!

Anonymous said...

a blast of fresh air. ask me about the windows. D Mac

Miss B said...

So I was aimlessly wondering about blogger and came across your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your family with the rest of the world! I will definitely be keeping up. I love the top ten/eleven thing as well. I may have to borrow (although with me, it will probably be more around the top twenty-five, depending on the day/hour/minute/second).

I like to write. A lot. My posts are probably way too long for people to actually read much of, but I'm just starting, so there's a learning curve. God Bless! -|---

payton said...

Thank you Miss B. I am so glad you found me on blogger. I like to write too and doing it in tens helps me not ramble...too much. Have fun with your blog!