Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

It's Tuesday!
1.  I have come to the conclusion that as long as I have a dog and kids at home, I will never be able to keep anything nice.  My house is one giant playground.  For some reason I have a white comforter.  No one can remember to keep their shoes off of it.  Bogey sleeps any pillow that throws itself off of a couch and makes it smell like dog.  Ugh.  I give up.  Let's just say that if we became one of the increasing robbery statistics in the Ingleside area that the robbers would be sorely disappointed. 
2. I have my mother's hands.  She has her mother's hands.  Sometimes it really freaks me out to look at them because they look EXACTLY like hers.  This is not a bad thing.  Her hands are fine.  It's just strange when you see the DNA in such a strong way. The older I get, the more I become my mom.  I was warned of this but did not believe it.  Again, not a bad thing.  My mom is one tough lady.  (Love you Mom!)
3.  I have not bought processed snacks in about 6 months.  Gushers, fruit roll-ups, Oreos, dipped granola bars, were all part of my WEEKLY grocery store list. I can't do it anymore.  I am actually repulsed by processed foods for the most part now.  See how extreme I can be?  Do my children appreciate my homemade cookies and granola bars every week?  I don't know but I have heard them toss around the word "organic" and tell their friends that I make their cookies.  At least they are aware. And they do eat more healthy snacks now that the other ones are not available.
4.  I love spellcheck.  If only you knew what an awful speller I am.  I have about ten highlighted "thiers" every week.  At least.  (This is due to my cheating in school on spelling tests.  My friend and I actually learned sign language so we could cheat.  It would've been easier to learn the words right?  Oh youth!)
5.  I have been really thankful lately that God has given me ears to hear.  I have been around a lot of people over the last 18 months who have heard exactly the same thing that I have but for some reason it didn't "click" for them.  It was certainly nothing I did.  I have to give the glory to God for opening my ears and eventually my mind.
6.  So, I told my story twice last week to my Sunday School class.  Once in SS and then again at a women's coffee.  I asked the pastor's wife if she wanted me to edit it for this group and her answer was "Nope.  Jesus didn't come to Earth to save the healthy people."  So I gave the unedited version to my new church family of women.  Just put it all out there.  People appreciate honesty. The thing about it is, I now feel like I am cheating God out of his glory if I am unwilling to share what he has done for me.  He gave me my life back and I am so excited to tell anyone who will listen about the grace he poured out on me. 
7.  Along those same lines.  I love when people tell me that they read this and how "real" I am.  A switch has flipped and I really don't know how to not be real anymore.  When you hid for so long and then experience the freedom in honesty it is really hard to go back.  If you ask me how I am, you might get more than you bargained for.  So if you really don't care how I am, don't ask.  I am over fake.
8.  The Riverdale Arts Festival was lots of fun this year.  I love how I can walk one street over and hear good music and see really good art.  My uncle had a booth of his pottery this year and I got to hang out with him and my aunt. They have always been so much fun.  Packy and Emory bought quite a few pieces.  I love that they each have some local "family" art in their rooms.  It was such a beautiful day!
9.  Jay and Jason went on the Cub Scout camp out for the second year in a row.  Jay really has a good time at this event.  He can be wild and run with other boys.  He doesn't have to be "on" for anyone.  This is when Jason gets to see the real Jay.  (I get glimpses every now and then.)  I think he tries so hard at school to stay in check that by the time I pick him up he is spent.  Add a pesty brother and sister to the mix and throw in some homework and there you have my afternoon.  I am so thankful that Jay likes Cub Scouts and that it is something he can do to bond with his Dad.  One on one time with him is so rare but so special when you see that true soul shine through.
10.  I have the Fall Festival and teacher conferences today.  Pray for me.  Thank you Hunter Stevenson for reminding me that God promises to give me exactly what I need for today!

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Deidre said...

So proud of you, Payton, and so thankful for God's redemption in all of our lives. Preach it, girl.