Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Tonight was a nice night.  Emory decided that she wanted us to eat dinner outside so she put up a table and got everything ready.  My first reaction (in my head) was Ugh! but she was very excited so I let her run with it. She set the table and made it very special by adding a candle. (Reminder to self: Encourage Emory to use her homemaking talents.  She loves to entertain and sometimes I squash her creativity for my convenience.)   Sometimes just doing something different puts everyone in a good mood.  We played the "make a sentence" game where you go around the table and everyone adds one word.  Packy did not grasp the concept and would add phrases like "the banana sat on the tree" or "trees are mean".
2.  A friend asked me how it was going with Jay.  I told her we were still having trouble but looking for some help from the school and elsewhere.  She responded, "When I ask you about Jay, I don't think that one day you are going to say he's fine and that you fixed him."  Whoa.  That put it all in perspective.  It's a journey.  It isn't a one day, one week, or even one year deal, but a journey. 
3.  I don't want to give you the impression that Jay is not enjoyable.  He is.  He has moments of extreme kindness and is very affectionate.  He is funny and smart.  He loves to draw and is very good at it. (I recently bought him a sketch pad and he carries it around everywhere.) He is also really good with Lego's.  I do love my biggest boy...sometimes I just need God to remind me.  I think it's OK to admit that you have a kid that's hard to love.  It doesn't mean you don't, it just doesn't come easy.
4.  I cook.  Jason cleans and I get the kids ready for bed.  The other night I happened to be downstairs when he was about to turn on the dishwasher.  I watched him as he spit in the dishwasher before he closed it.  Excuse me?  He said he does this often.  Why?  He said it was because he can.  Really?  Our house is a weird place to live.
5.  I am late today because I went on the Pumpkin Patch field trip.  Somehow I have tricked myself into thinking that because I stay home that I should drive for every single field trip.  I am rethinking this thinking.  First of all, my children act clingy and different when I am with them on trips.  They don't hang with their friends but instead try to get as close to me as they can.  Second, I am just too tired to go on another field trip.  I think I have been on four this year including the all day Macon trip.  So I am going to learn to say no.  I used to be good at saying no but that was because I did not want do anything.  Balance.  I need balance.
6.  I have 18 months today.  Jason remembered and sent me a text congratulating me.  Love that man!
7.  After the field trip today, I went to help Jay's class with their recycling scarecrow.  Each class has a garden and they are working on making a scarecrow out of recycling "trash".  It was really fun.  The kids were so creative.  Now after two hours I was over it but for the first two hours it was fun. (I was in charge of the head.)
8.  I finally called a bug man.  You would not even believe how many bodies I found the next day.  I can't tell you because you would be totally grossed out.  I am totally grossed out but oh so happy that they are dead.  Live ones crawling on the wall were making my house a living Fright Night.  Again...Halloween gives me the creeps.  (Don't ever leave your TV on Halloween night when you go to bed.)
9.  Betsy called me with the "morning struggles".  Getting people dressed, fed, and to school on time is always a challenge.  I have not perfected the morning by any means but I do try to think "What could I do tonight that would make tomorrow easier?" It helps.  Sometimes I am too tired and don't care but when I take the time to take a couple of steps it makes the morning so much easier.
10.  Emory is a really good hooper.  She can hoop for a long time with mine and mine is really big.  She said she would do it in the talent show next year but only if I did it with her.  Hmmmmm.  Could be interesting.  I'll keep you posted. 
(It drive me INSANE when I can't make the blog do what I want but it is not worth my sanity to try and fix it right now.)

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joyous said...

You are precious! Coming to Heather's on Saturday. Can't wait to see you!