Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still going...

It has been a couple of days since Earth Day. I am amazed at how much recyclable stuff we have in just a few days. I am putting it out in the garage but I probably will need to refine my system.

Food update. Learning tons about organics and local on the Internet and through a friend who has already done a lot of research. I am starting slow and just replacing stuff as I run out not throwing stuff out. I am not going to buy any more granola bars. Making them seems like a good and easy way to start. I ate some lettuce out of my mom's garden today and delivered a tomato plant and eggplant plant to her. I don't have a garden...yet. I am not the best at watering which my houseplants can attest to. I bought my children steel water canteens and told them I will no longer buy Capri-suns. My next goal is to get on the local egg and milk train.

One thing I started doing a few years ago is trying not to use paper towels. I bought a big bag of rags at Sam's and use them to clean up in the kitchen. So I don't have to throw anything away, just wash with towels.

And the journey continues...

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