Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sunny Days

It is officially spring around here.
I have put away all winter clothes (in Macon that means long sleeved shirts) and brought out all of the shorts, dresses, and bathing suits. I left Emory a white sweater in case of a cool morning. It is beautiful and warm. The cherry blossoms and the azaleas are kickin' bright pink everywhere. Macon is gorgeous right now. It is also covered in yellow pollen but I will take it for the days we are having. I am as far North as I ever care to live. I am not trying to rub it in to you who are up'll have your day in August when it's 105 here and the kids go back to school but it is too hot for them to have recess.
Packy has been outside in a diaper playing with his favorite things-Bogey and ball. These pictures were taken after supper around 6:30 and it was still so nice! I am getting a taste of summer. I love to be outside and I love even more for my kids to be outside. Jay has been climbing trees, jumping on a trampoline at a friends house and just running. Emory picks flowers and plays in "Emory world" if she is not planning a show with her BFF Lola Grace.
Can you tell how happy I am?


Betsy Norwood said...

Sounds dreamy to me! I love it when you are this happy :) It's 55 and sunny here today up in the big bad north but that's a spring day for us too. Loved all the pics.

Trish said...

I know!!! We had friends over to grill out last night and the most effort I had to put into it was hosing all the pollen off the porch, toys, swing, etc... The kids played outside until WELL after dark. Brice slept in a onesie. The ceiling fans are spinning. Brian and I slept with our balcony door open all night! Glory!!!!