Saturday, April 19, 2008

11 years Ago

Eleven years ago today I married my high-school sweetheart. He is still my sweetheart and had given me three precious baby sweets! (I totally copied this post from Leslie Gavin! She also married the guy she went to prom with.) First picture is our junior prom. Mom made my dress and made Jason a matching bow tie. The last picture was at the Tic Toc celebrating B's 30th bday (when Lee presented her with our JT tickets!!!).


Hope Wilson said...

aaaawwww! Happy Anniversary!

Andrea said...

You have the same anniversary as one of my best friends (she celebrates 10 years today) and my parents anniversary is also today!! (38 years)

The Preston Family said...

WOW!!! I don't even remember my prom date...our anniversary is a day after yours! Happy Belated Anniversary!