Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the way to Tybee we like to point landmarks out to the kids.
Well, really my mom does and we just do follow up.
So one time we were going across the bridge where you can first see the "Little Tybee Lighthouse" and I asked Jay what the name of it was, knowing that Mimi had told him at least 100 times. So he says it's called Copspur. I said no and Jason agreed that was not the name of it. Jay insisted that it was. We told him that the real name was Dickspur. We went back and forth and agreed we would ask Mimi when we got to Tybee. So we did. The name of the lighthouse is Cockspur. We were close.

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Andrea said...

Hmm. How could you *ever* get that confused? ;)
Too funny.