Friday, October 19, 2007

Is Friday here already?

OK, it's Friday.
This week we made it to school, ballet, karate, Wed night church.
How do you take a picture of a 6 year old who had an all green week? You sit on him. (see picture) Emory has brought home her class frog for the weekend and promptly dressed him in Princess pjs. Packy busted his lip (see picture) when his sister got too excited at ballet and carried him across the floor and then dropped him. He stopped crying in a second. She cried for the next 15 minutes because she made her brother bleed. The Riverdale Arts Festival is tommorow so we will be walking over to hear some jazz and then relax around the house. My favorite kind of weekend-no plans! I want to work on some scrapping and baking. The cupcakes I made for Keri to take to a baby shower. Magnolia Bakery buttercream. So good. So much sugar. French dip sandwiches sandwiches for dinner. YUM!

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Catherine said...

Hey Payton,

Your cupcakes were delicious! Keri told me about your blog---love it! Brooke and I have one for our house renovations. I badly need to post some udpated pictures, but I'll send it to you. Have a great afternoon!

Catherine Fore