Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cookie Explosion

Here is my new thing-cookies.

For the past few days I have tried many recipes trying to find a pretty icing that tastes good. I found one and now I am a cookie making machine. This lady at Michaels was watching me check out with my various supplies and commented to Emory that her mom must have to take cookies or cupcakes to school. I said no, just a mom who loves to make cookies and cupcakes. How lucky are my children? And I let them lick the spoons!

I was watching The View today and they were talking about co-sleeping and bathing with your kids. Whoopie was saying how she never did either with her daughter and everyone else on the show did one or the other. I love taking baths with my babies. Packy and I bath almost every night and it is such a special time. He does not sleep with us and I have never let a baby sleep in my bed but almost every night at some point either Jay or Emory or both end up in our bed and I love it. My rule is they have to go to sleep in thier bed and they can't come in ours before about 5am. Sometimes they can come earlier if there is a reason like a bad dream, bloody nose, or they really need to snuggle. Like my mom always says, "They won't WANT to do that forever". I am enjoying it while I can.

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