Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Are you annoyed with me and my blogging or lack there of?  I am.  I even did my post last week and then didn't post it because I was annoyed with it.  Sometimes I can go too deep into the blog world and feel insignificant on my little blog. (There are so many blogs.  Like a bazillion, which is my favorite number. I try to only stay close to the ones I have always read but you know it's a slippery slope.) Then I remember that this is the way I want it.  Small and only for the people who are supposed to read it.  So if you are still reading this, thanks.
2.  I was talking with my Bible study last night about how life would be easy if it weren't for relationships.  It would also be terribly lonely.  God designed us to live in community.  To be vulnerable to each other.  To encourage one another.  To share our experiences and bond over our "like broken-ness".   But relationships are hard.  Family, friends, and our church community can all be draining at times.  They can be hard work sometimes.  Sometimes they can be extremely frustrating.  I sometimes get caught up in trying to figure out why someone in my life acts the way they do, instead of loving them where they are.  Thankfully I have girlfriends who can talk me off the ledge when I am frustrated and remind me to give people grace. 
3.  I am trying to prepare my heart for Easter.  Our pastor gave us some readings to do this week and I have done a couple of them.  Emory said the Easter story scares her.  I told her that it's the most important story the Bible tells us because without the Resurrection nothing else matters.  The gospel story is Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and then being raised from the dead. Without it, I have no hope.  What joy I have in knowing that my Saviour is alive and sitting with his Father in my eternal home.  (I also have joy that Emory knows what Easter means and that she was thinking about what actually happened.)
4.  Spring break at my house starts with spring cleaning.  I started with Emory's room.  Em is a borderline hoarder/bag lady.  I watch enough Hoarders: Buried Alive to know that if I cleaned it for her she would just junk it up again, so I made it a team project.  We went through every drawer and shelf and filled an entire bag of clothes to donate.  Then it was her turn to vacuum. She was really freaked out when she found a dead roach under her bed and her room has been clean ever since.  Mission accomplished.
5.  We are not going anywhere for spring break.  We could have gone to Tybee but I really like the "break" part.  I like waking up when we want and not having to be anywhere (although we are still making it to the gym).  We did go to the Soap Box Derby on Sunday and watched the races and ate snow cones.  Monday we went to the movies.  Yesterday we had some friends over and then went out to eat.  Tomorrow we are dying Easter eggs. (We also sent Emory to Tybee with Mimi.  She is playing with the granddaughter of one of my mom's Tybee friends and having special Mimi time.) 
6.  One of the things I like most about baseball is getting to spend time with people I don't run into in my circle of gym-school-church.  Ballpark socializing.  I feel like I can totally reconnect with people in one game and become close after a season together.  You can really get alot of catching up done in 5 innings. 
7. I took the kids to see Mirror Mirror.  It was visually stunning. The costumes were insanely beautiful.  I love Julia Roberts and she was a wonderful, wicked Queen.  I almost had words with some elderly people, but I refrained.  There were only two other people, besides my crew, right up until the time the movies started. At the last minute an elderly couple came in.  Only seven seats taken in the entire theatre and guess where these two sit? Directly in front of Jay and me.  Why??? Are people after my good time at the movies?  I didn't say anything (maybe some muttering under my breath that they didn't hear anyway) but I wasn't feeling bad about rattling around in my purse to give Packy jelly beans.  (Go see this movie!)
8.  Are you watching Frozen Planet?  It's so good and I am obsessed.  Jay studied the Arctic and Antarctica last quarter so it was fun to watch him see all the animals he studied.  Who ever heard of a Narwhal?  I had never heard of this unicorn dolphin thing, but Jay knew all about it.
9. Another reason I haven't blogged (maybe the real reason) is that I have been obsessively quilting.  I am nothing if not obsessive but this has been on my list of things to learn since I got married.  My absolute favorite wedding present was a quilt from one of my mom's friends.  Her mom made them and she gave them as presents.  I have used it for concerts, play dates at the park, inside forts, and picnics for 15 years.  I finally decided to learn how to do it and I have jumped in with both feet.  (If you have been reading this blog for an extended period of time I will confess that this is the same quilt I cut out at Tybee 2 summers ago.)  I'll show you a picture when I finish. 
9.  So Emory is at Tybee with my mom.  She has already made a rag quilt.  My mom and I are not good at playing.  She is good at teaching. Ask any kid who has been to the beach with one of my kids and my mom (yes, she even takes friends) and they will tell you they learned manners and how to ___________ (fish, paint, make jewelry, sew).   My mom is talented.  This weekend she wanted to teach me about flower arranging so I helped her arrange the Palm Sunday flowers for First Presbyterian.  When I was younger I didn't want to learn anything so I didn't let her teach me.  Now I am grateful and love spending time with her and learning.   I also love all the things my children know because she is always teaching them.
10.  I. Can't. Stop. Eating. Cookie Dough. And. Jelly Beans. 
11.  Thankfully, these songs are helping me to run after I work out. (Sometimes I dance while I run.  If my hands are over my head on Forsyth Road, I don't have a cramp.  I'm dancing and the song said to put your hands in the air. This is only if it's not for time, of course.)
       *Give Me All Your Luvin'/Madonna feat. Nicki Manaj and M.I.A
       *Turn Me On/David Guetta and Nicki Manaj
       *Good Feeling/Flo Rida

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