Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Catch Up

(Attempting to get a family picture for Jason's mom.)
1.  Whenever Christmas begins to burden, it's a sign that I've taken on something of the world and not of Christ.  Ann Voskamp
That is my mantra for this month. 
2.  We had a great Thanksgiving.  The dark cloud lifted.  I took each activity step by step and it was tons of fun.  I laughed when I tried to make a ten layer caramel cake (for the first time) and all the layers slid and it resembled a giant stack of pancakes.  (I gave the kids each a fork and told them to have at it while I made a two layer replacement.)  We went to see Puss in Boots and laughed.  (I thwarted some young teens plans to get some kissing in at the movies by blinding them with my phone flashlight and gently reminding them that they were in a G rated movie. That made me laugh.) (I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who sat near Jason and me during our high school screening of Dances With Wolves.  It's about a 3 hour movie.)  
3.  Keep your mind going in the right direction, and your life will catch up with it.  Joyce Meyer
4.  I am already working on Tuesday.  It can't be that hard right? Right.
5.  I would like to give a shout out to my friend Trish.  She wins the "I got my Christmas card finished early and had them mailed before you even thought about yours" award.  Very nice Miss Trish.
6.  So I learned that during dark days I can make it.  I just have to keep doing the next right thing.  Keep my eyes on the Lord.  Even when I don't (wait for it) FEEL like I am in a good place, as long as I keep doing the things I know to do, I will eventually get through it.  Better yet, God will see me through it.  Reflect on how HE has been faithful in the past and trust HIM for the future.
7.  I was wondering why they keep playing Harry Potter movies during Christmas since they aren't Christmas movies.  But then I remembered that neither was The Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music and that's what I watched growing up. (Loving that I finally have a DVR this year.  I have a slew of Christmas movies recorded already.)
8.  Let's talk about the new Muppet movie.  I loved it.  Loved.  Laughed and cried.  Jason and I went with all the kids on Thanksgiving day. I love the movies on Thanksgiving.  It reminded me of being a little girl.  The Muppet Show was a big deal to me.  I hope the rumor that they are bringing back the show is true. 
9. Is anyone watching the Oprah Life Class on the OWN network?  I have only watched one but I really enjoyed it.  Oprah has always given props to moms and it was encouraging to hear her admire my position as a mother.  Sometimes you just need to know that people appreciate how hard it is to be a mom.  Just a mom.  I think I will watch some more and see what I think before giving a glowing recommendation.
10.  I'd like to thank all of the Room Moms of all of my kids classes, ever.  Being a Room Mom (and yes it is capitalized) is hard.  I am way too unorganized for the job but I am doing it.  The best I can.

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