Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I feel great today.  Jason took the kids to school and I got back in the bed  (I did make them breakfast)and slept.  Then I had a massage.  Last week I was anxious about my crazy weekend and wondering how I was going to feel post-Halloween.  I knew I would be exhausted so I booked a massage and it gave me something to look forward to.  It was a brilliant plan if I do say so myself.
2.  We got home late from a Halloween party last night and Emory had a break down.  She asked me, in a nonchalant way, if I would email her teacher and let her know she was going to be late for school because she needed to sleep in. Excuse me? No.  But my friends do it all the time. Really? No. It was when Jason and I started laughing at her request that the screaming started.  She was asleep about 8 minutes later.  Too much candy, too much fun.
3.  I have had to eat Tums for the past four nights.  I can't stop eating candy and it's making my stomach ache. Sad right? Moderation has never been my thing.  Fortunately for me, I showed my kids the Operation Gratitude video and explained how dentists will buy back their Halloween candy and they want to do it.  (I think you get a dollar per pound and they send it to the troops.) Well, two of them want to do it.  I am so excited.  This candy has got to get out of my house.The one who has his dad's hoarding tendencies is keeping every bit of his. 
4.  Last week we had some lying happening in the birdhouse.  Lying is something that is not tolerated here.  If you get busted lying you are in ginormous trouble.  One person lied to get out of perceived trouble.  The other lied to impress a friend.  I probably let too much slide around my house but not this.  I lived a lying life too long and started at a young age.  The road that starts off lying never ends well.  It was a good teaching moment.  The one who lied to get out of trouble had to look up a bunch of verses that speak to how God feels about being deceitful, write them down, and then explain to me God's feelings about lies.  The other thing I emphasized was that the trouble you get in for lying is always worse than whatever you were trying to cover up with the lie.
5.  The person who lied to impress a friend had to discuss how to live an authentic life with me.  If you lie about who you are, then you are not happy with who God made. As a person who tried to be so many different people for a long time, I know the freedom that comes from just being who you are.  People don't like fake. I don't know if men play this game, but I know women do.  It's hard to be what you think people want you to be.  Peace comes from accepting who God made you to be and trusting Him for your security, not other people. 
6. My go to line is, "Hold on".  I say it all the time to each person in my family. 
7.  I'm just going to put it out there that, for the most part, I don't like field trips.  I feel no guilt or shame. My kids act weird and I have to make small talk which results in me saying some stupid stuff.  I think one a year for each kid is plenty and I have already been on 2, technically.

8.  Even if you hate Facebook, you have to admit that the day after Halloween is the best day to look at it.
9.  I survived my weekend by taking it one event at a time.  I knew that I would get nothing done at the house and that was going to have to be OK.  I really tried to be present and in the moment for each event and I really had a good time.  I got to catch up with family and friends and eat lots of candy.  I think if I had tried to get ahead of myself, I would have panicked.  (Saturday I ran a 5k at 8am, went to a birthday party at 9:30am, went to another birthday party at 11am for 3 hours, and then went to a Halloween party at 5pm.  Sunday was busy too.  And Monday.  I'm starting to get tired again.)
10.   We had so much fun trick or treating last night.  I could try to tell you how excited and cute Packy was jumping off the back of a hayride and running full blast to each house, but you just had to be there. His tiny blue Spiderman butt was about the cutest thing I'd ever seen.
11.  I almost forgot to tell you this.  I had a Halloween freak out.  I washed a roach.  I don't know if the roach was is in the dirty clothes basket and went in with the clothes or if he crawled into the washing machine.  All I know is when I was taking the clothes and putting them in the dryer I noticed a body, his wings and legs all separated during the wash.  Guh-ross!  Do these things happen to other people or just me?


Katy said...

Love it. Love #5. Preach it, Sista. And, you looked awesome Saturday morning!

Anonymous said...

I too have washed a roach. I didn't find out until I emptied the lint filter & saw the pieces. I am terrified of roaches. I think I rehashed those clothes 3 times.