Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Friday

Here are few things that are making me happy today.
1.  Packy scored his first goal yesterday and this is how he felt:

2.  Downy Unstopables.  They make our clothes smell so good. 
3.  This video that makes me laugh.

4.  Packy is on a Thanksgiving tear.  I have these turkey hands taped all over my house.
5.  Someone is quite the actress in our house.  She did an awesome job in her class play.

6.  Christmas miracles.  Guess whose window decided to start rolling down again?  Yea!
7.  And this video.  I think the video is funny but my dad imitating the video is even funnier.   I don't have a video of my dad, so I laugh thinking about him when I watch this.

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