Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday in NYC

I am happy to announce that baby Lolly has made her way into the world!  
1.  I watched this sweet angel enter the world.  Although I have had three of my own children, I have never watched someone I know have a baby.  Watching my sister have her third baby was an amazing experience.  What a miracle the birthing process is!  I was reduced to tears as I watched this tiny girl enter the world.  It's crazy how one day I am kissing Betsy's belly and the next day kissing an eternal  being.  I love how creative God was in the creation process.  It was so funny to look at her at one minute old and see how much she looks like her sisters.  She is a Norwood baby for sure.
2.  While I am in NYC helping Betsy, my mom and dad took my kids (and Jay and Emory brought friends) to Tybee.  How awesome are my parents?  They took 5 kids to the beach for a super long weekend.  It is snowing in New York.  It is in the 70s in Tybee.  As much as I long for warm weather, I would not miss the first week of Lolly's life for anything.  The reason I am here, and not my mom, is that she does not really like New York in the winter, so she sent me to help.  Getting around in really cold weather with little ones is not easy.  I think my Mom is a little jealous that she isn't getting to see Lolly right now.  Baby breath is the best and I will stick my nose as close as I can to her sweet little mouth.
3.  I am a baby person, that's a given.  I love coming to New York, that's a given.  But the real reason I wanted to come to New York was to give back.  When I went to treatment (two years ago), Betsy came and helped Jason with my family.  She also was an amazing support to Jason as he struggled to understand what was happening.  How often do you get a chance to help someone who helped you?
4.  This is my third trip to New York in 6 months.  I am starting to get to know some of Betsy's friends.  One of my favorite parts of being here is seeing these amazing women.  It helps me understand Betsy's life in the city but also encourages me to hear their wisdom.  (Kari Jo and Andrea (with her entire crew) in the same trip....could I ask for anything more?)  I have also been to BSF, a small group Bible study, and church while I've been here.  Good stuff happening in this city.
5.  New York overwhelms me.  I can look out Betsy's window and see that in one building live as many people as in my entire neighborhood.  Not just my street in Macon, but my entire extended neighborhood.  Then I look at how many buildings there are just in my immediate view.  So many people.  So many families.  Living the urban life that I know nothing about.  Well, I know a little after this experience.  I know that God calls people to live in different places and He has not called me to live here. 
6.  In Macon people have jobs.  In New York people have interesting jobs.    I love walking around and seeing all of the nannies, doormen, and security guards for killer shoe stores.   And let me assure you that there are tons of killer shoe stores.  After a week of being in New York I start to think that $200 shoes are a good deal.  Then I remember that in my life $20 shoes are a good deal.  (That was quite a tangent.)  I'll try to think of more interesting jobs later.
  7. Josie (2) is having a hard time adjusting to the new person in her family.   She is the cutest thing ever.  Like a real life cabbage patch kid.  With the temper of a UFC champion.  This new baby is really cutting into Josie's time with her mom and she does not like it.  She also does not like me if her mom is around.  If she does not like you, you know it.  She holds nothing back.  I try to appreciate her ability to not stuff her feelings.  She expresses EXACTLY how she feels.  (Good luck Betsy!)
8.  It's been a while since I did my post.  My last post prompted a call from my dad.  My dad doesn't usually call me unless he has a reason, so when I got a call and a lunch invite I thought something was up.  He said he read my post and thought I might be having a hard time.  Such a sweet Daddy!  The thing is that I can have a bad spell these days and it's OK.  I don't have to live in it.  I can get out of the dark place and not take comfort in the familiar feelings that I was used to for so many years.  I am thankful for good friends that can tell when I'm "off".  I am so thankful that the Lord pulled me out of the pit and that even if I take a pit stop I can call on my heavenly Father and keep my eyes on Him.  
9.  I am really struggling in my new camera decision.  My options are Nikon d700, Nikon d7000, or a Canon 5d Mark ii.  If you have an opinion on this please let me know.  I have read online reviews until I am cross-eyed and I can't decide.  
10.  Gretchen Mol had her baby next to Betsy.  That wouldn't happen in Macon.  


dana said...

glad to see your post...I want to be a fly on the wall up there for a few days!
so exciting!
the warm weather is waiting on ya!!
see ya next week!
we've enjoyed PACMAN!

Pranav said...

Cute Baby

Andrea said...

you are too sweet. I told you I want to be the "other" sister with you and Betsy!!!!
You are such a blessing to Betsy and her family. I am so glad you got to come up there and help.
And it was great to see you!