Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend PRojects

DAY 1-When the children woke up Saturday morning they were very excited to see the advent bulletin board. THey read the first activity-Decorate the house for Christmas and get a tree and trim it-and they were ready for action. Jay helped Jason bring down all of the boxes and then they went and picked out a tree. We did a big sorting project this year and got rid of lots of broken decorations or ones that we didn't need anymore. The kitchen looked like a Christmas explosion happened! Emory went to see the Beauty and the Beast at the MLT with Lola Grace and Ceci and Jay went to the Music Hall of Fame with Jeffery. The highlight of his trip was putting pennies on the railroad tracks and finding them flat after the train went by. Jason loved this because he used to do it as a kid too. We had another fire in the fire pit and Jay and Jeffery ate roasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate. Jason read them the Christmas Bogey story and they went to bed, very fast.

DAY2-The note said to learn about the advent and watch a Christmas movie. Our family lit the first advent candle at church so we wanted to explain what the advent is all about. After church we decorated the tree. Jay wanted LOTS of ornaments and that's what we did. We made our own advent wreath and then cleaned up! Ceci came over to bbsit and she brought some Christmas crafts-an ornament for them to decorate and some foam stickers to make Christmas pictures-she is the BEST mother in law! Then they watched Charlie Brown Christmas and went to bed!


Amanda said...

I love your blog! I wish we lived close by and could join in the fun....amanda

payton said...

I do too!
Move here!