Monday, December 10, 2007

This kind of Day

Have you ever had the kind of day where you really want the baby to sleep so you wake him up at the last minute to pick up his brother from school? Then you drag him to karate and since you don't have any time to nurse him because you have to take his sister to ballet, you make a bottle in the sink and give it to him in the car propped up with pillows while you drive to ballet. Ballet is short so you run to Blockbuster to grab a movie and drop your purse in the parking lot and then realize you don't even have a Blockbuster card because it has been so long since you actually rented a movie. Make it back to pick up ballet girl. Make it back to pick up karate boy. Make it home. Put baby in the bed. Thank goodness dinner has been in the crock pot all day. Make some caramel popcorn. Done.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Wow! I would've skipped the caramel popcorn makin' and just went to bed! :)
i've been having a lot of days like that lately.