Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The week of my wreck was a great week and a really hard week.  I experienced some crazy PMS and ended the week chasing and hollering (because screaming sounds so horrible) at Jay.  This was right before I took him to school and I can not bare the guilt of a bad morning.
                                 Me:  I hate this feeling.  And I think I'm having PMS.
                                 Jason:  I've known you were.
                                 Me:  Why didn't you tell me?
                                 Jason: Because you told me to never tell you.
He's so smart.  And we made everything right with Jay before sending him to school to take his Social Studies test.  I would honestly prefer to send them to school late than to deal with the guilt I would have had if we had not reconciled.  It wasn't all my fault, but I did have a part, and I needed him to know we were good.  (What I learned from this incident is that Jay does not study well late at night or early in the morning.  He also doesn't need to cram.  We have studied every afternoon this week, together.  And it has been so much easier.  Why do I have learn the same lesson a katrillion times?)
2.  My car was deemed totaled by the adjuster.  This was the best news ever.  It meant that I could watch the tow truck driver tow it away to it's final resting place and that the adjuster would give me a check.  Apparently the insurance company uses the NADA car values and not the Kelly Blue Book and they don't take into consideration the condition of the car.  Jason's mouth dropped when he told him how much the check was going to be for.  This car was wrecked on every single side.  It leaked when it rained and the driver's window did not roll down.  The roof material was hanging due to the moisture from the leak.  It was a hoopty.  All I could do was thank God.  This was indeed a blessing.
3.  Before the wreck, I had already planned for Jason and I to go to Tybee.  We needed some alone time and I was inspired by a friend who had gone to Atlanta with her husband, just to get away.  I  think it is good to have some "us" time.  I tried to back out since my head was super crazy that week but no one let me.  It was MLK weekend too, so we had a bonus day.  It was amazing.  We got down there late Friday evening and went straight to the beach to eat.  When I got out of the truck, I took a deep breath and smelled the ocean.  I'm trying to practice mindfulness (which I hated at Talbott) and being truly present in the moment.  Stopping to smell the ocean made me even more grateful of where I was.
4.  Saturday was warm and sunny and perfect.  We slept as late as we wanted to, which wasn't that late, and I fixed no one breakfast.  I fixed no one, anything.  I found a yoga studio on Whitemarsh, a couple of islands over but closer than Savannah, and went to a class.  The teacher was from France and had the most amazing voice.  Heaven.  Jason spent the morning playing his guitar.  When I got back we ate lunch at the Tybee Island Social Club.  (Look them up on Facebook.)  They are the closest thing Tybee has to a hipster restaurant but they have the food to back it up.  (Burgers to DIE for.)  (The general manager was recently on the ABC show The Taste.)
5.  After lunch we cruised into Savannah to walk around Broughton Street.  Jason was totally up for going in any store I wanted, after we had some Starbucks of course.  It was so fun.  The weather was perfect and Savannah was hopping.  We literally strolled for a couple of hours.  We even held hands.  We went in tons of the cute stores on Broughton.
6.  After strolling we went to the movies.  We saw Silver Linings Playbook and it was amazing.  I really want to see it again.  We ate dinner and I cried for no reason.  No reason.  Just tears that needed to get out.  Jason is so used to this, it really didn't phase him.  (See why I liked the movie?  I identify with crazy.)
7.  The next day, I took another yoga class from the French lady and then settled in for a big day of football.   The game didn't go as we had hoped so we walked around Tybee.   We went to the beach and watched the crazy people in the ocean (it was warm but that water was cold), on the pier to see the people fishing, and then just some good ole' Tybee people watching.  Tybee people watching is never disappointing.  Ever.  We had another night to ourselves before packing up Monday morning and coming home.  I am so grateful to my mom and dad for allowing us to use their beach house and for keeping our kids so we could get away.  It was a wonderful recharging weekend and we (I) needed it.
8.  Last week we hit the ground running.  Monday, when we got back, I had to drive Emory's carpool for gymnastics.  Tuesday, I had a surprise party at my house.  Wednesday we bought a car in Atlanta (more in a minute) and made it to Wednesday night church.  Thursday, I taught my morning Bible study and then read to Packy's class. It was one of those hold on until the weekend kind of weeks. I think it's OK to know that some weeks are going to be fast and crazy and you can't really do anything about it.  Just do what you can do.
9.  Side note.  I am really disappointed in Bethenny Frankel.  I was rooting for her and not that I know her or Jason, I just wanted her to give Bryn a family life that she didn't have herself.  I was also shocked to hear about Ashley Judd and her race car driving husband separating.  I read her biography recently and she seemed "all in".  I know I have no right to judge and I'm not.  Just sad.  I know that I have a celebrity problem.  I can't help it.  Thank goodness Rachel Zoe and Roger are coming back in March!  I die.
10.  So the biggest news of all is that I got a new car.  It's a crossover actually.  I got a Chevrolet Traverse.  A couple of years ago I drove one as a rental after someone hit me in the carpool line, and I always liked it.  I've had it a week and the kids LOVE it.  I love ROLLING DOWN THE WINDOW in the drive-thru.  It's awesome.
(Pictures are from Thanksgiving.  I haven't taken any in a while.)


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