Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I had a wreck yesterday on the way to school.  Actually it was more of a fender bender.  I was not even a half a mile from my house when I rear ended someone.  I WAS NOT ON MY PHONE.  I was actually reviewing Jay's Bible memory verse.  It was on a note card in my lap and I looked down for a half a second and the person in front of me stopped.  Everyone is fine, thank God.  Now for the people who don't live in Macon, let me give you some details of what it's like to live in a small town.
  • I am friends with the person I hit.  She has three daughters and we go to the same school.  We used to go to the same gym and gymnastics studio.  I have bought tires from her husband.  She hugged me as I lost it crying on the side of the road. (She did text me later in the evening to tell me her neck was starting to hurt. Followed by a text reading LOL.)
  • The person immediately behind me was another good friend and neighbor.  Her son and Jay are good buddies and competed on the LEGO Robotics team together.  She pulled over immediately with me and took my kids to school with her.  Lifesaver.
  • Another person pulled in front of the girl I hit and took her kids to school.  At least three more people we knew slowed down and asked if they could help with the kids or anything else.  I also got very sweet texts from some people who either saw or heard about the incident and offered to help with anything. (Thank you to all of the people who made my first wreck in a long time, a very pleasant experience.)
2.  I gave my friend my insurance information and we decided not to call the police.  We could both drive our cars (I did have to pick up my headlight off the ground and stick it back in) so we just left and I told her to call me if she needed any more information.  I called Jason on the way home (I had already talked to him on the side of the road) and was crying and telling him how sorry I was.  He was so sweet and said to read James 1.  Then he texted it to me.  If you have never had a wreck, it's quite emotional.  Even if no one is hurt, it just leaves you feeling shaken.  I had to lay down and gather myself back together for about an hour. 
3.  When I got home it hit me that I had no idea what I said to the kids after the accident. (Or for that matter what I said during the accident.  Jay later confirmed that I said a bad word.  Sorry Jay.) I just told them to get in the car with my friend.  I didn't hug them and I was crying when they left.  I started feeling so guilty, wondering if they were upset at school.  I talked to my friend and asked her what state of mind the kids had when they got to school.  She said Jay was quiet at first but was joking around by the time he got out of the car.  She said Packy was quiet but she taught him the phrase "fender bender" so he could accurately describe what happened to his teacher.  She said Emory was fine, even a little excited (she loves drama and attention).  Emory's comment was, "We've been wanting a new car and now my dad will HAVE to get us one."  Such a girl.  Looking for the shopping opportunity in every situation.
4.  So I think I finally did kill my mini-van and no, I did not do it on purpose.  I like my van even though Betsy declared it an official "hoopty" over Christmas. 
5.  This past week we had some late Christmas presents.  Emory got Taylor Swift tickets.  We were going to wait to give them to her for her birthday but when the playground began to buzz about who got tickets for Christmas, we decided not to torture her for another couple of months.  I wrapped the tickets in a big box and told her I didn't know what it was, that her dad had brought it home.  She had no idea.  As soon as she read what the printed E-tickets said, she screamed and hugged me.  This will be her first concert and I can't wait to enjoy it with her.  Of course it's not until April.  On my 16th wedding anniversary.  Jason is awesome.
6.  There is nothing more disappointing than pulling up the driveway and seeing a Fed-Ex sticky note on the front door.  It makes me want to ride around until I find the truck and beg him to give me my package. I am so not patient.  #firstworldproblems
7.  I am in a quandry about what to do with all of the Christmas toiletry items around my house.  I love having Christmas soap and Kleenex from Thanksgiving until Christmas, but now I am over it.  I can't just throw it away.  I can't save it until next year.  I guess I will just use it until it's gone, but know that it pains me to look at it.  #morefirstworldproblems
8.  After dinner tonight, we watched this video as a family.  It's amazing how one person can really reshape your problems, or what you think are problems.  Hoping my children will be inspired not only by his accomplishments but more importantly, his faith.

9.  I love everything about this video.  I have watched it too many times to count.  Those two have a most special place in my heart. So does their extremely patient mom.  

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