Friday, November 16, 2012

Four on Friday

1.  Let me give you an example of where I am in life.  On the way to school this morning Packy started talking about his book parade.  The one where he dresses up like a character from a book and parades into every single elementary school classroom.  So I asked him when this parade was and he said he thought it was today.  I grabbed his binder, which I had not checked this week, and there it as...Book Parade 9am.  Panic sets in because it is 8:30 as I realize my blunder.  Here are the events that followed.  Dropped big kids off at school.  I knew my friend, that lives close by,  had a Harry Potter leftover from Halloween but she is in Arizona. I texted Jason and got the number of her in laws who were keeping her kids at her house.  They tell me to come on over and look for the costume.  On two wheels I fly to their house and start digging through the dress up clothes.  (Lucky for me, my friend is super organized and the costume was not hard to find.)  So we grab the robe, tie, wand, and snitch, and hall back to the school.  Make it to the classroom in time to find someone who knows how to tie a tie, put the costume on him, grab a red marker and put a scar on his forehead.  Done. 8:57  He is Harry Potter and is happy as a lark as he parades through every classroom with the biggest smile as he watches people figure out who he is.  (Now, I was in sweats with my teeth not brushed and my slept in ponytail, but I went on the parade with the other, more put together, moms. Luckily I  had changed out of bedroom shoes and popped in some gum before running into the school.) 
2. I feel judged when I buy Lunchables.  This lady at Publix looked in my basket and I wanted to tell her quit judging my food. Back off.  I need to make things easy once a week.  And my kids like the pizza ones.  I draw the line at bologna. 
3. Whose kid is that?  Have you ever heard someone utter that dreaded phrase?  Ever uttered it yourself?  Those are some dangerous words.  If you are the person who that kid belongs to it feels like a punch in the gut.  I have been that mom.  It has been my kid that has been doing whatever it is that made all the adults start looking around looking for the awful parent that needs to claim this child.  That's what it feels like even if that's not actually what they are thinking. I've also said those words and watched as a mom crumbled, wondering what she did wrong in her parenting.  Be careful with these words.  That mom is probably doing all she can to parent that kid and she might be struggling with him in ways that you can't even imagine.  Encourage her.  Pray for her.  Love her. We need to support each other as fellow moms in the trenches, not judge.
4. I feel like I cut Packy's fingernails every other day.  My nails are so long right now and I hate having long nails. Our fingernails are constantly growing and I have to take care of them or Packy has "girly" nails and I have "witchy" ones.  I wish it were a one time thing.  Cut them once and not have to worry about them again, but that's not how it works.  This is the same way that I look at recovery.  It's not a one time deal.  It's not a go to rehab and come home fixed sort of deal.  It's an ongoing process, but not one of drudgery. It's a daily check in to see where I am, and where am I slipping.  Where I am I with my walk with the Lord?  Am I relying on myself or Him?  Am I working my steps or do I think I've got it and don't need to worry about it.  Ongoing process.

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