Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I went to a women's conference in Orlando last weekend.  It was a conference for women but not about  women, which was really nice.  I really don't need more advice on parenting or how to be a good wife.  I've read all the books.  What I needed was to be reminded how big my God is and how much He loves me.  And that He wants me to love other people.  And that he has given me everything I need in order to do that.
Resentment of what we don't have is the number one reason we don't use what we do have. (Paige Benton Brown)
(Google her and listen to any of her talks.  She is an amazing speaker.  Amazing.)
2.  I have been really excited about the Olympics this summer.  These athletes are so amazing and it's nice to have something I can watch with my children without worry of inappropriate content.  It also allows conversations about practice, dedication, hard work, and not giving up to take place organically.  My people tend to quit when it gets hard so I welcome these conversations and these Olympic role models. But it's the commercials from Proctor and Gamble really get me. Maybe you DVR and fast forward through commercials so I'm going to let you watch it.  (There are a few versions.  This one puts them all together.)
The hardest job in the world,
is the best job in the world.

(My goal is to see if I can get you to cry each week.  Are you crying or am I just a big 'ole crybaby?)
3.  Jay is at surf camp this week with Mimi.  Last year he did kayaking camp.  He brings his good friend and they have some quality Tybee time with Mimi.  She said they both got up on the boards today and they are already looking around for a used board to buy.  Mimi and Jay have a sweet relationship.  He is her oldest grandchild and she never had a boy.  I really like that she they get to have one on one time before the chaos of summer ensues.  (Part of the chaos is driving down from NYC as I type.  Can't wait.)
4.  Emory, Packy and I went to see Brave.  It was a really good movie.  The mother/daughter relationship was one of the central themes and it had a really good message.  I didn't cry until the movie was over, but I did cry.  When I first took Emory's picture I was prepared to write about how I was struggling with her.  Fast forward two weeks of not blogging and I am in a different place with her.  I am listening to her and not responding with anger when she loses it.  Talking to her in a calm voice when she is frustrated really works better than my previous method of screaming along side her.  (Still trying to break that screaming cycle in my family.)  She is growing up so fast.
5.  I am in planning overload.  Tybee 2012 is a few days away and I really want this year to be special.  (Every year is special but it helps to plan.)  Jay is now old enough to do some big boy stuff, so deep sea fishing is on the docket.  New board games, kayaks, books, crafts have all been bought.  My head is kind of spinning. Is it really a few days away???


7.  I can never buy enough pens, notepads, books, and fingernail polish.  Ever.  
8.  I drove to Orlando with one of my friends and we met Betsy and one of her friends, who flew in.  The plan was to go to the conference and spend as much free time as we could by the amazing pool at the Orlando Hilton.  Amazing pool complete with lazy river.  Well, Tropical Storm Debbie put an end to all that.  No sun.  Just rain.  Hard rain.  We still had a great time being together.  And we only hit one parked car, could not get out of a four story parking garage after endlessly circling for about 15 minutes, and took a wrong turn on the way home and didn't know it until we got to Daytona.  Can't wait until the next trip Ava, Heather, and Betsy.
9. You know you have a good friend when she hands you a tiny tupperware filled with her most delicious cream cheese icing because she knows you like to dip pretzels in it. Yum.
10.  Summer is here and that means... SO YOU CAN THINK YOU CAN DANCE!  I have to admit that tears filled my eyes when Cat Deely said those words.  Sad, I know.
Favorite new dance in the kitchen song: Heart Skips a Beat by Olly Murs (You can catch him opening for One Direction, who I always like to call New Direction.  Yes, I relate well to 15 year olds.)
Favorite new mascara: They're Real! by Benefit


Andrea said...

hi Payton! enjoy your updates. do I get to go to the conference with y'all next year? or will I be a fifth wheel? ;)

joyous said...
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joyous said...

oh...oops! I was trying to say, mission accomplished on making me cry! love the video :) and #2 I said I love your #7. Nothing beats school supplies and books!