Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying to Catch Up

Let's catch up.
 In the last 3 weeks I have: celebrated my oldest son's 11th birthday (and my Dad's 60 something), been to two end-of-the-year bowling parties, hosted a wedding shower, attended a wedding (with all of my kids), sent Jay on his first overnight school trip, had Emory's ears pierced, had 8 trees cut down at my house, attended the elementary school awards ceremony (Jay made all A's), attended the 4k end-of-the-year program, baked brownies and cookies for teachers, baked brownies for a pool party, bought the teacher gift for the class I am the room mom for, took the boys to LEGOLAND in Atlanta, took the kids to a pool party on last day of school.  Then summer started.

This is my LEGOLAND story.

  •    I love surprises.  I love being a part of a surprise even more.  A week ago I took the kids to school as usual but as soon as we got in the actual carpool line I suddenly remembered that Jay had a "dentist appointment" and told him not to get out of the car when Emory did.  Then I told Packy the same thing.  When Emory, who was in on the surprise, got out, I looked at Jay (and Packy) and said, "The real reason we aren't going to school is that we are skipping with some other boys and going to LEGOLAND in Atlanta."  The picture below was his reaction.  "Really? Are you serious?" We had so much fun.  I don't really want to promote skipping school but it was such a fun surprise and a great memory.

After the pool party on the last day of school we went to Tybee for Memorial Day weekend with friends.  Aside from having to take Bogey to the vet because he was chewing his tail off, we had so much fun.  I don't like to think (which is why Crossfit works so well for me).  So when you have a motivated person that says we are packing up the bikes and going to ride trails at Fort Pulaski, I just say OK.  No thinking involved.  Such a fun, easy trip, despite having 7 kids around.

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