Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  How can my buddy be 5? 
2.  Packy has been to alot of BIG birthday parties this year so I thought he would want a BIG party too.  I told him he could invite his entire class plus his friends outside of class and we talked about the different places where we could go (which are painfully limitied in Macon in February).  I think it stressed him out a little bit.  He finally said he would just like to go to Burger King (like last year) and just invite his 3 friends from church.  Done.  Thank you Pac for being easy.  (We did breakfast.  Come at 9 in the morning, leave at 10.  Bring your family.)
 And siblings.
3.  It is a tradition at our school to post a birthday sign on the fence at the entrance of the school.  (Thank you for my Cricut, Mom.  Even though I don't really scrapbook anymore, it still comes in handy.
4.  Does anyone trust the shout Color Catcher?  Really trust it?  Like red shirt with white clothes trust?
5.  Jason is helping teach a Sunday School class on the book You Can Change.  This past week we discussed the chapter When Do You Struggle?  It was a good discussion about how we grow during times of struggle and how God uses dark times to draw us closer to Him.  Jason asked the question; Do you ever miss a time suffering because you were so close to God at the time?  When things are going good in your life do you forget to spend time with Him?  I have a friend who had breast cancer a few years ago.  When she received her diagnosis she was at peace and actually had joy.  I thought she was insane.  She told me that she when she was in times of suffering, she and her husband drew closer to God and to each other (they had lost a child earlier).  I remember not understanding this at all.  I was mad at God for her.  It wasn't until my own experience that I realized how God uses dark suffering as a time to really love on you.  Really prove that He is your Father and that you are His child.  While I don't wish for suffering, I understand Jason's question. I know the sweetness that comes when you are clinging with all you have to a God that loves.
2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  James 1:2-3
6. This made me laugh.
7.  Packy's birthday cake at Burger King.  You might be a redneck if...
8.  Quote by Tim Keller:
When I forget the gospel I become dependant on the smiles and evaluation of others.
Isn't that so good?  Are you looking to others for your value?  If you are constanly looking to people, you will constantly be disappointed. 
9.  My tip of the week: Chew gum while baking.  Gum helps me not cram my mouth full of cookie dough.
10.  Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday and I expect (and get) nothing.  This year I did cook a fun dinner for our family and did some light decorating.  After desssert we went around the table and said what we love about each member of the family.  I wish I had a picture of Jay's face as he said what he loved about his sister.   (I made these cookies for Emory's class and Jason said they were his new favorite cookie.)
11.  I bit my mouth while chewing gum today and it started bleeding.  I am so my mother.
12.  I am going to watch someone turn 1 on Saturday.  Can you guess who it is?


dana said...

Dawn so trust color catcher...could you guess?
you going to NYC? FUN!

Amy said...

I'm a blog lurker, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to answer your question - yes, totally trust the Color Catcher. Washed Bren's new clothes - reds, whites, blues, name. Threw them all in together - added 2 catchers - and said a small prayer. They all came out fine and the catchers were a dingy gray color!